Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle

  • Etrenus
  • 10 months ago
  • 32nd


The dish ran away with the spoon. They can't go back. They can never go back. And nobody's going to make them. The dish ran away with the spoon. Escaping the iron grip of Mother Goose, the dinnerware made a single solemn vow to one another. They won't go back. They'll never go back. And nobody's going to make them. Not even the law. They're going to live free, even if it's only for the next few minutes.

Controls: A/D Move left/right; Space Jump; Left Mouse Button: Tap to Melee attack; Hold to throw the spoon to higher ground or as a makeshift projectile; Right mouse Button: Hold to block;

Disclaimer: First Game Jam.. There are 3 known bugs that sometimes if you separate from the dish and rejoin mid conversation the Game will crash. Also ending the level will unfortunately crash the game. I missed resetting the hold timer on mb_left, so if you melee attack 3-4 times it will automatically throw. Also, due to a last minute change to the room, i failed to update the size of the parallax backgrounds, so they're not visible unfortunately.

I had suffered a power outage for 6 hours of Prime working time on Saturday evening, and since we were having Git troubles we were passing the project back and forth, so my partner Indigum couldn't access anything either. He did a great job pulling together the arts and sound, and designing the sole level all as time was coming to a close. It was the same case on my end as i didn't test as much as i would have liked, and threw in the End game screen with literally minutes until the deadline, so i wish i could have tested it, since the game crashing at the end was merely a missing layer in the final room.

That being said it was an amazing experience and we hope someone can enjoy it!!!

Art/Sound/Level Design: Indigum Programming: Etrenus Special thanks to Taizen for providing making us the awesome track!!


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