Color Jump

  • Platformer
  • Yosi
  • 4 weeks ago
  • 31st


It's a platformer, but when you start to move all the blocks turn black. You'll have to remember the placement of dangerous red blocks to win.


  • 29+ Short Levels

  • At least 1 Boss Level

  • "Dynamic" Soundtrack


  • Arrow Keys to Move


There aren't any sound effects


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    2 days ago

    Very nice platformer! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 32
    2 weeks ago

    I like how literally you interpreted the theme!

    It's very good overall, I'd say my biggest issue is that the game relies too much on waiting in later levels (and not just to see the colors). Also the first level with a red exit kills you if you walk under the good exit for some reason? I guess there's red ground here but you can't see it.

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks for the feedback! I definitely didn't time some of the moving platforms well, I'll try to improve on the pacing for later games. And yeah, there was red ground under the doors in that level so that the moving blocks could go under the stage but you couldn't. It's visible now in the post-jam version. :)

  • Cloud
    Cloud Cloud 3
    2 weeks ago

    Really fun game! Controls were surprisingly smooth for rectangles. Challenging gameplay and I love the concept behind it. Great work!

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks so much for the feedback cloud! Next time I'll include rounded rectangles ;)

  • Redbeard
    Redbeard Redbeard 1
    2 weeks ago

    Hello, thanks for submitting a game!

    Let me start with music. I liked it, it was simple and catchy enough, if I could change one thing I would probably try to have it loop seamlessy rather than having the audible start / stop.

    Controls: Not allowing WASD on a computer game is a strike for me, I would have preferred that as the default. The platforming controls felt good and natural, well done there.

    Visual: Got a bit of a meat boy vibe but thats probably unavoidable with the game type. One thing that might have changed things up is having a bit more definition on the platforms themselves, even something like having different colors on the levels or something. It got pretty samey. I like the fuzzy edges of the moving blocks as well as your effect where you can see the ghosted tail of the stuff moving when its dark. In general everything was pretty easy to read as far as good / bad and what it was going to do, so nice job there.

    Story / Narrative: Obviously not really a story game, but there was nothing there. Something to think about. Sometimes something as simple as some flavor text on the menu screen can set a bit of a story vibe.

    UI: No real UI. Some potential things you might have shown: Attempts. Timer. What level you're on.

    Mechanics: The colors fading when you moved was unexpected and looks cool. I think that you probably (at least on higher levels) should not let the player rest and have the world go back to colors, since in most cases there isnt any danger and you can just stop and see where you need to go. Solid platformer otherwise.

    Fun game and great job in the time allotted!

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback! Yeah, I forgot a ton of things to put in this time around, like WASD. I'll try to incorporate these things into the next game I make :)

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 38
    2 weeks ago

    I stopped at the same level as Naxos! I'm not into precision platformers, so I had to give up there. Fun! The mechanic is not a bad idea. I do think however that the bright green was not the best color to have with this, as the contrast was huge and thus made the transition from dark to bright a bit sudden

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks for the feedback! I probably should have put more thought into the colors like you said; I only chose green for the main color because I like green haha.

  • ForteFortissimo
    ForteFortissimo ForteFortissimo 2
    3 weeks ago

    I liked it overall! You really have to pay attention to the main mechanic to beat each level. There's a bit of an issue I had with the mechanic, though. Not a glitch, but - since the level fades back into sight when you stop for a short second, stopping to add the color back makes the main mechanic kind of pointless. I still messed up a few times when I didn't stay still, so I did have fun. Maybe increase the amount of wait time for the level to regain color?

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Hmm, I'll consider that change. Thanks so much for the feedback!

  • Alan
    Alan Alan 2
    3 weeks ago

    I am no stranger to pecise jump in platformers, and with how well your character controls i made it quite smoothly to the end. I liked the levels being one short challenge at a time. I enjoyed playing through it. As for the theme, i think is not used too much aside from the screen fading black, but other than that, nice game :)

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks for playing the game! I spent a good amount of time on the controls so I'm glad you like them.

  • Naxos
    Naxos Naxos 3
    3 weeks ago

    Phew! That was both fun and exhausting. Though I have to confess that I gave up on the level where about 8 blocks were going back and forth and the circle was in the top right corner.

    The controls are tight and responsive, and it's a good thing too, because the game often demands precision!

    I almost didn't notice the lack of sound effects, and the music was fitting!

    A really neat concept and well executed!

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks for playing my game! That level is also the hardest level by the way, so you did a good job to make it that far :)

  • lazyeye
    lazyeye lazyeye 4
    3 weeks ago

    Great work Yosi! You got me frustrated trying to win each level, which granted ins't SUPER hard since I'm trash at video games, but you did an excellent job at identifying simple yet expandable mechanics.

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks for the feedback Lazy! I appreciate it!

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax 5
    3 weeks ago

    Got stuck several levels in - must be about level 15 or so. Really nice, smart puzzle design. Too smart for me it seems. I imagine this would play really nicely with a controller due to the fine movements required on some of the levels. Aesthetically pleasing and put together well. I wish I could have gotten furtehr - may come back to check out some boss levels. I'd liked to have been able to increase my screen size, but otherwise it was perfectly executed, from the trails behind character, to the alpha fades, to the pixel perfect platforming.

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      I'll try to add those features in for a full version. Thanks for the feedback!

  • topherlicious
    topherlicious topherlicious 3
    3 weeks ago

    This game starts off simple enough. Get to the finish while being mindful of obstacles. It's small, straightforward, and cute.

    Then it gets hard. Loved it.

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks for taking the time to play it!

  • Zachary
    Zachary Zachary 3
    3 weeks ago

    This is a really great, simple platformer. My only suggestion is that maybe the levels are in the wrong order in some places. The difficulty seems a bit random as one level (for me) would be very difficult, then the next would be trivial.

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Yeah, the difficulty is definitely not good haha. The levels are simply in the order I made them.

  • Halvard Mjelde
    Halvard Mjelde Halvard Mjelde 3
    3 weeks ago

    A fun and challenging platformer with cool level design. Also i really liked the mechanic where everything goes black.

    • Yosi Yosi
      Yosi 3 Coder

      Thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoyed it XD


This was my first game jam, so I'm very happy with the results! Color Jump was made in around 12-14 hours (may be different if you count the time put into the gm48 page) so it definitely didn't get as much polish as I would have wanted to give it. Even after working on it some for a post-jam version, it still hasn't reached 24 hours lol. Because of this, the level design had obvious flaws, there were no sound effects, the level order was weird, there was no menu, etc. I also completely forgot about some obvious things like WASD controls, whoops. Anyway, gm48 was a really fun experience and I hope to do better in the next one! :)

Result 31st