Palette Panic

Palette Panic

  • Seltzy
  • 1 year ago
  • 2nd


Puzzling battles in the world of a crazed artist!

This game was created entirely by myself in about 36 hours of development time. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by my development stream!


Left Click - Grab and Drop Colored Blobs

Right Click - Merge Blobs


Q: Why can't I attack?/Why did I die?/What's going on??

A: Read the help page closely! I apologize if it is difficult to understand, but your answer is likely there.

Q: The skulls aren’t breaking.

A: Breaking skulls requires you to attack using the skull’s complementary color.

Q: My attack disappeared for no reason! Manual didn't help!

A: Taking damage forces you to drop what you are holding. This is likely what happened, otherwise it is a bug i'm unaware of.

Q: How long is this game?

A: There are 6 enemies to battle.

Q: Why is the enemy's death animation so long?

A: I thought it was funny.


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