Puzzling battles in the world of a crazed artist!

This game was created entirely by myself in about 36 hours of development time. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by my development stream!


Left Click - Grab and Drop Colored Blobs

Right Click - Merge Blobs


Q: Why can't I attack?/Why did I die?/What's going on??

A: Read the help page closely! I apologize if it is difficult to understand, but your answer is likely there.

Q: The skulls aren’t breaking.

A: Breaking skulls requires you to attack using the skull’s complementary color.

Q: My attack disappeared for no reason! Manual didn't help!

A: Taking damage forces you to drop what you are holding. This is likely what happened, otherwise it is a bug i'm unaware of.

Q: How long is this game?

A: There are 6 enemies to battle.

Q: Why is the enemy's death animation so long?

A: I thought it was funny.

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  • faxdoc

    Super fun, great job.

  • TonyStr
    • Level 13

    2yrs ago

    Why this didn't win is going on my "Top 10 unsolved mysteries" compilation if I ever get into youtube. Seriously though, I've played this game thrice since the jam. It's fun, funny, funky and fits the theme like pineapple on pidgeonpeas



  • kbjwes77

    Interesting combat mechanics, not particularly fun but it's definitely unique!


    You should've won. This is better than HF

    Don't ask why Im playing this now. I dont know either

  • Jupiter Hadley

    Very nice, well polished game! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/km3gD5GdGBA

  • Kwis
    • Level 67

    3yrs ago
    • The help manual. It really didn't make me want to read it, to be perfectly honest. One pixel wide font + 1 pixel wide white outline with a lot of contrast (huge differences in values) going behind the text makes it tedious to read. The manual would have been easier to read if the text was just one color above a one color flat surface. Not very intuitive to say the least; also lots of text, which is unavoidable in this case since at least all information is pure information; still a mouthful though.

    • The difficulty curve is not quite adapted to the complex mechanic. A lot of different blobs and skulls are thrown at you right from the start. Thinking "okay, the skull is red. To kill it... I need.. hmm... right, green. So I need to merge hmm... yellow and blue, alright. Now I can kill it. Oh woah, 2 other skull popped, woops"... it's too overwhelming for a start :c It's fine when you get used to it, but you first need to get used to it. It's like riding a bike without your hands while learning how to ride it for the first time. Cause after that, the game progresses normally, it's just that it's too tough early on

    • Wait, what I thought was the green skull is the yellow skull? A bit confusing lol

    • Not fond of a typewriting text starting from the middle, it makes it hard to read while it's scrolling

    • Also, would have been nice to be able to fast forward it by clicking again, thus reading the entire text instead of needing to wait for it to be completed (cause I can't read it while it's typing xD )

    • Pretty cool concept!

    • I just love how every fight has a specific quirk, like the black hole or the healing bees!

    • The story is short, simple, but makes you feel a progression plot-wise. Which is nice for a game jam!

    • The flavour texyt is a nice touch and reminds me of earthbound

    • Neat atmosphere too!

    Dye Hard

    Dye Hard

    • Seltzy

      3yrs ago

      I was looking forward to your feedback, Kwis.

      A proper tutorial was the idea from the start but unfortunately I started to worry about the time limit (and my lack of sleep).

      Can't say the same about the difficulty scaling, however. Only 3 different blob and skull colors appear at the start and I assumed it wasn't too much. The first enemy does nothing special to the play field aside from spawning skulls with the intent of allowing the player to figure things out. None of my play testers had comments about the difficulty when asked. In retrospect, it was likely because most of them were watching the development and had an understanding of the mechanics already.

      Never considered the centered text scrolling would be a problem. It's possible to skip the text scrolling entirely by right clicking, though it is never explained.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Redbeard

    Thanks for submitting a game!

    I enjoyed the art style and the UI seemed pretty well thought out. I clicked the manual to try to understand what was going on, but as others have pointed out it was a bit overwhelming and I didn't do very well.

    I liked the music and the art, but thought the sound effect during speech was too much.

    Nice job!

  • Bird
    • Level 1

    3yrs ago

    The game is fairly polished and the concept itself is pretty creative! This game would actually be pretty helpful to remember complementary colors as well. It fits well into the theme of the jam, being all about finding the right colors to use. There is some silly dialogue and fun characters thrown in to make the experience more enjoyable. It has some nice music, sound effects, and visuals, and it feels like a fairly complete game for what it is.

    However, a lack of a tutorial for the game makes it very confusing to know what is going on, and the provided "manual" is a very not intuitive way of learning how to play. Along with that, it was hard to sit and play through as the battles felt like they droned out way longer than they should have. Often times I was sitting around waiting for the right colors to pop up, or for my energy to regenerate. It also would have been nice if colors mixed automatically with others when you dropped them together, instead of having to right click, but that is a very minor complaint.

    Overall, despite my complaints, i think this game is a great submission!

  • Croaks
    • Level 4

    3yrs ago

    Maybe I was biased going into the game because I read some of the feedback first, but I actually understood the game pretty well from the manual and understand why you relayed the information that way. It really helped to have a visual breakdown of the screen because there was a lot of (really useful) information on screen. Digesting all of it took some adjustment, sure, but I was happy that I felt I learned a skill with playing your game. So thank you for that.

    The writing is killer by the way. It fits perfectly. Amazing job.



  • SpritePainter

    It took me a bit to figure out the mechanics, but this was well designed and I really enjoyed the characters and their interactions. Well done.

  • SuperGamersGames

    Manual is confusing, that's pretty much a given. But the game itself and the humor is fantastic! Great Job!

  • GhostlyFeline

    As others have already said, the manual is a bit confusing, but I eventually figured out how to play. After I did, the game was super clever and charming. I liked this one a lot. I haven't gotten to the end yet, but I'm gonna go back and give it another go.

  • RetroJet

    I don't have anything to say negative about this really. This is a good concept. Though I found the rules kind of confusing. It took me a while to understand some things. Good job anyway.

    Color War

    Color War

  • FrogWax

    Text on the help menu was a bit hard to read and a pretty steep learning curve, but a cool game concept that i could see expanded. If you update this, I think a slower tutorial could be beneficial, but considering this was put together in a weekend it's a great package.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago

    Love this game but... I can't break the skulls, it doesn't work for me :/ Or maybe i just don't know how, the manual was confusing and hard to read. Edit after answer: Yeah, i figured, but it doesn't work. Blue skull isn't destroyed by blue attack, at least on my pc :/

    • Seltzy

      3yrs ago

      The skulls break when you attack the enemy using The skull’s complementary color. For example, if there are yellow skulls on the board, a purple attack will clear them all out. Im sorry for my unclear rules, but I hope you’ll be willing to give it another shot!

  • Nauris
    • Level 2

    3yrs ago

    Awesome little game! At first it was a bit confusing, but quickly learned and it was pretty unique! Very well done! Good music and art too!

  • Venesect

    Seltzy has made some pretty cool games thus far and this is another addition to his growing collection.

    Pros: The color combination mechanic is easy to learn. The art is simple and appealing to the eye. The characters were cute and interesting. Some of the characters had neat mechanics - Space guy had a black hole you had to avoid - Boss had a color swap "attack". The music was upbeat and catchy. This has the potential to be a little more in-depth should Seltzy choose to add more.

    Cons: The text sound was a bit much. Sometimes it would take a while for a white blob to appear so you'd be low on stamina for a bit.

    All in all, those two cons (the "story" was cheesy but that's not the main premise of the game and is easily overlooked) can pretty much be brushed to the side. It's definitely an "easy to pick up and play" kind of game. Seltzy has a great knack for making memorable protagonists as I can easily recall prior ones from his previous games. The style he uses isn't groundbreaking but the way he executes it works quite well. Considering this was something that was put together in a time crunch, it definitely gets my vote.

    I look forward to playing another of his games, especially something that he really gets to put time into.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago

    This game was really confusing to play. I read the instructions but I didn't get much help from them.

  • Hikikomori

    Wow! Amazing concept and art. You sir have incredible talent.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago

    This was a great idea for the theme, and ends up being surprisingly fun. Took me about a half hour to finish and the final boss came down to the wire. The help manual is a bit confusing at first, I didn't even notice the text about attacking for a while since it was on the field. Even though there's only one song its catchy and didn't end up grating even by the end of the game. My only suggestions for gameplay is that it would be nice to have a consistent way to fast recover your meter other then waiting for a white blob, and it would be cool if you could merge same color blobs into larger blobs with increased damage. Great work!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago

    This game has really unique and interesting gameplay! It has a nice art style and the color combining system is fun. The help manual was a bit confusing, but the game starts out fairly easy, and once you get the hang of the mechanics it's enjoyable to pick and mix your colors. The captions were also hilarious. The talking sound effect I found a little grating but other than that the sound was good.