Once in a Hue Moon

Once in a Hue Moon

  • Vinnie // Bacon // Buttons
  • 10 months ago
  • 61st


Search the planet for colors!

Your ship and suit are looking woefully drab. Your color-powered gear is also offline! Search the planet for color and power-ups! Avoid game-breaking crashes! Enjoy level design that was ravished by bug-hunting!


Arrow Keys / Left Stick - Move Space / A Button - Jump F Key / X Button - Shoot D Key / Right Trigger - Charge

Also this game is buggy af boi. A weird collision bug towards the end took a huge amount of time that was set aside for making levels. As a result, the levels and overworld are incredibly small (parts of them that didn't work were just ripped out at the last second) and the blue section didn't even make it in. Also, the boss is way harder than it should be, so super congrats if you're able to beat that.

There's still some debug keys left turned on if you enjoy hunting for those.


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