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MobShift is a platformer that lets you shapeshift into any enemy that attacks you!

Since there's no death state in MobShift, you can focus on taking the form of other enemies in the level and using their own abilities against them. Shapeshift into a smaller creature to fit into tight spaces, capture a jumper to increase your jump height, or take the form of a flyer and traverse the level by air!

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  • Tero Hannula

    It was good game, simplistic graphics and ok puzzles. Though the game was playing with changing to others than playing around no death. 'The changing forms' is just inspiring words from who came up with the theme. Anyhow, it was good entry :)

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Hey Tero, thanks for checking out my game! Yeah, I had some interesting ideas for more puzzles and didn't have enough time to implement them all, but I'd love to go back and add more later. Definitely a fun theme this time around, and I'm excited for the next one!

  • PenguinCzar
    PenguinCzar PenguinCzar Level 5

    Great game! I saw this game when it was originally put on here and dang!! How did you make this so fast? My game has a very similar theme and I checked the website and saw yours and was immediately scared. :) Very impressive. Great art and idea. Good job and good luck.

    EDIT: even though it wasn't on my page I really appreciate the feedback, thank you so much, and I am very glad you liked it. I am excited also to see how you do, I feel like it will be really good. Welp, Cheers!

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Thanks, Penguin! I really appreciate the feedback and compliments. When I did the last GM48 in January I ran out of time and didn't get to implement everything, so this time I tried to simplify my idea and keep the scope more manageable.

      I just played through Fraug today and it's great! Love the ability that you unlock at the end. I also thought that was really cool being able to get to the end early through an alternate path. That was a really cool bonus to have in a game jam entry.

      I also really dig the music, art, and the number of puzzles you guys were able to fit in each level. It really made the game feel like more of an adventure than mine was. I also really liked the multi-jump enemy; that was my favorite ability! Great job all around. Looking forward to seeing how your game does. See you at the next GM48!

  • Fachewachewa

    Really cool idea! I think my biggest issue (and it's relatively small) with it are those moments when you have to wait for a mob to get to you.

    Also if you're doing movement with WASD only, try to at least include arrow keys, since it gets annoying to switch to QWERTY.

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Great feedback here, thanks Fachewachewa!

      I definitely agree that it can sometimes get tedious waiting for a cloud or something to return from the other side of the screen. I might try implementing a time manipulation mechanic or a quicksave system so you can jump back a few seconds and retry a jump or revert to your last shape.

      I'll definitely make a note to add arrow keys too. Good suggestion!

  • Nick Ver Voort

    I'm a big fan of this! Avoiding the enemies when you need to not have their power, seeking them out when you need it, and figuring out when which is which is great. The balance between puzzle and skill is very good. Nice stuff!

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Thanks, Nick! I appreciate your feedback. It'd definitely be fun to add more enemies, levels, and mechanics later on. I felt like the game was just starting to take shape and would be fun to iterate on later when I have time!

  • Juju
    Juju Juju Level 8

    Reminded me a lot of Wario Land 3.

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Hey Juju, thanks for playing!

      I just realized I've watched more of Wario Land 3 than I've actually played. I should go back and finish it sometime :)

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 16

    Very nice game! I was impressed that the level design never had you stuck in any place needing to restart. The different enemy abilities were unique and very easy to understand from a glance.

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Thanks Yosi, glad you enjoyed the level design! It'd be fun to add some more varied enemies with cooler abilities. Something along the lines of the Kirby games where enemy abilities can be used for combat and utility. I'll have to revisit this idea later if I have time to expand on it.

      I really appreciate the feedback!

  • SuperGamersGames

    I quite liked it! Even though I never got to making a game, I thought of a concept similar to this, but to be honest, this did it better. The game felt a little bit short, and the morphing sound could scream in your ear, but other than that, the game is great! Good job!

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it. There's another entry for this month's GM48 called "Switcheroo Dungeon" that's similar and definitely worth checking out as well.

      My game was definitely a bit short. Would be fun to go back and design some more levels when I have time. Thanks for mentioning that repeating sound effect bug - will definitely be fixing that soon.

      Thanks for the useful feedback! :)

  • Adrien Dittrick

    Very original mechanics and puzzles :)

    I like how you made sure the player can never really get stuck in a level, very good puzzle design.

    The music was great and the graphics cute!

  • Allison James
    Allison James Allison James Level 11

    Enjoyable idea - loved that you made shifting into different "enemies" with different traits both an obstacle and a help depending on context and left it up to the player to work out which situation was which.

    Some pretty clever puzzle ideas in there, although I wasn't fond of when you had to backtrack a fair way through a level to turn yourself normal again if you made an error.

    There was also a bit of weirdness when you came into contact with an enemy and a blue diamond (or two different enemies) simultaneously - the sound effect for transforming plays every step. Not a major issue though, it never broke anything.

    Overall, a great idea that fits the theme beautifully and has a lot of potential if you choose to expand it in the future!

    • chompdev chompdev
      Level 7

      Thanks for the feedback, Allison! Great point about the backtracking; there are a few levels where that definitely gets old. I might consider having a built-in "reset to blue" key or an option to instantly jump back to the last-used diamond. That additional mechanic could even facilitate some cool new puzzles.

      Nice find on the sound effect bug. I'll definitely fix that when I have time.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to play through it and offer your thoughts!


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