A human. A devil. A well. Two immortal beings trapped in a never-ending game.

Reminisce together about centuries of love, suffering, past victories and bitter betrayals. Learn to forgive and to trust each other again. In this limbo where nothing ever changes, only you can break the circle of hate.

A short narrative game featuring hand-crafted art, original music and sound effects, and exciting checkers action.

Giada Zavarise - @brica6rac - Art & Writing

Tom Göschelbauer - @slimefiend - Audio

Juju Adams - @jujuadams - Code

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • Sometimes dialogues feel clumsy cause it repeats itself and we don't feel like we're advancing.
    • Confused by the game flow. In my second play, the game ended just when I made a move in the checkers. Same I made in my first playthrough (at some other point though, cause i made 2 illegal moves first) EDIT: Actually the game kept my move, but sent me to the main menu, making me start the game over, BUT keeping the pawns at the same place? Confusing xD Apparently my first move must be illegal So hem.. seemse like I'm stuck to that point cause whatever the move I make, it ends the game and keeps the pawns (should I say pebbles?) at the same place.
    • Third play through, the dialogue bubbles of the devil don't disappear, so I can't play checkers.. (on the devil's turn)
    • Checkers randomly gets reset (when it's my turn after an illegal move for the devil)


    • "you whish" :p
    • Window mode doesn't seem to work for me, it messes up the resolution and I can't seem to click on the actual place the cursor is on... forcing me to play fullscreen
    • Text types a bit too quick (when the devil speaks), and I'm a fast reader :p It felt a bit distracting cause while I was reading the first bubble, the last one (out of 4) was already written
    • Too bad we don't get interrupted more by the checkers, I found it added to the pace of the narrative. (at some point it's only dialogues)
    • Would like description pages to display screenshots

    Time for some well deserved praise:

    • I love the whole progression and how the dialogues are interrupted by checkers with the devil actually asking you to move his pawns. It makes for an interesting narrative while incorporating gameplay.
    • Speaking of which, that's a pretty good narrative imo. The way you get to know more of the story through dialogues makes you want to know more, teasing you while giving you just enough food to keep you wanting to eat more.


  • Fachewachewa

    I love the idea and the production is top notch, but the execution was a little weird.

    In the end it felt like no matter what I did (in checkers or dialog) the game would just continue on its own. At first I tried not listening to what he said but that restarted the game, then at one point I move my piece to far and that restarted the game again. And during that the dialog was on a loop, with the same multiple options and sometimes a new option appearing for no apparent reason. It felt really weird because I though he would just tell me to make the move again right away, but it went on a news loop instead.

    I'd rather have something linear with no real choice (or lines that you can just miss) instead of repeating dialog and options like this; because it really beaks any kind of immersion.

    I still don't understand if you get to the end by choosing the right option or if you just need to try everything at least once, since there isn't even a logical progression for the devil character. Or maybe it's based on the number of times you break the rules.

  • baku

    I thought I knew how to play checkers. But I guess I don't.

  • Kyon
    Lv. 25

    Veeeerry interesting game. Might be my favourite so far. Really like the story, would've been great if the text wasn't so repetitive sometimes (but that's because it's a jam of course). Didn't reeeaaallly know what to do, but I finished it either way. Well done. Good art style, nice writing, good atmosphere.



  • Tero Hannula

    This was really interesting game and maybe the favority of this jam. I love how polished this feels and looks, and sounds were really nice. Also moving the pawn felt good, which is important as it is one of only things to really do here excluding communication. I think I broke the game, after I tried to play it again without quitting and moved the pawn again (it remembered where we left previously). It said "interesting" and game ended with end credits. I tried two times after that, but game ended with going to end credits after demon sais "I admit my defeat". Though it was funny and not really game-breaking, and feels it is in meta-level though not intented behaviour. It is too bad this has no more plays, I might say word or two somewhere (not likely to do anything.)

    Great entry :)



  • David
    Lv. 2

    Great concept and atmosphere! I really enjoyed this one. Very well crafted and written. Art and music were superb too, dim and gloomy. I definitely will follow your future games with interest.

  • Loates
    Lv. 10

    Alright, to begin I really want to give you props for how you followed the theme. I have always preferred the idea of following themes conceptually rather than literally, and in this narrative experience, you have achieved that to a fine degree.

    Immediately when the game starts, the intro music and the art sets the tone for the game; and makes it easy to understand the type of game you're playing.

    While there is not much art in the game, the main piece that we see outside of the checkerboard is constructed excellently, and seems to highlight more of a focus on the characters rather than the checker board, indicating how the game doesn't really matter to them, and nor should it to us.

    The dialogue options allows you to explore and decide your own choices, inviting you to figure out the full story between the main character and the devil. The way we are invited to explore deeper into their relationship is excellent, and the story itself feels gripping. Usually, I would personally attempt to blame the devil in a situation like this, it's only natural, but the way their story is shown makes it difficult to blame anyone.

    While for obvious reasons, it would be hard to give this game a particularly high game play rating, as most of it is through clicking dialogue, with the checker section being meaningless. It is hard to fault this game for it's sound, art, or immersion, which clearly seem to be your teams main focus.

    As for stability, due to the nature of what this game is, I was unable to find any bugs, issues or any indication of instability

    Over all, I went into this game prepared for more of an experience than a game, and the game delivered perfectly at conveying to the player a well written story between two Immortal beings.

    I congratulate you Juju and your team on providing such a well made narrative experience, and am curious to see what you produce in future.

  • Maskeregen
    Lv. 1

    How do you even play checkers? Is it like Connect Four? Illegal? Regarding the game, the atmosphere it gives you feels immersive and I want more of devil demon person.

  • Adrien Dittrick
    Lv. 11


    Great game, very immersive storytelling. Gameplay-wise, I really feel like the checkers board was here as a distraction and didn't even bother using it, as finding the good dialog lines to progress the story felt more useful.

    Very enhoyable experience!

  • 89o
    Lv. 18

    Why didn't you make a description, or an icon, or banner, or anything? If not for my curiosity, I would never have played this game, and it's wonderful. So, here's my tip: ALWAYS make your games clickbait. That way, you'll get attention and more feedback. People tend to only look at eye-catching thumbnails, not standard GM48 icons.



    • Juju
      Lv. 8
      Juju Developer of Moebius Well

      5yrs ago

      The materials you mention can (and will) be updated at a later date. It is common practice for game jams to defer making the landing page until the morning after.

      Thank you for enjoying the game.