• havik
  • 2 years ago
  • 10th

You WILL FAIL if you get hit without any tokens. Minimum tokens needed to survive a hit is 12, so be careful at the start!

You've woken up in a strange place. You speak to an angel. They tell you that you're on trial, on trial to become an angel like them. If you pass this trial then you get to keep your training wings!

The only downside is the trial involves harvesting demon souls. Yeaahhh...

Slay demons, collect their soul tokens, become an angel. Just try not to get hit by their demony projectiles. Since you can't die, other weird things happen... ...I so thought I had a shotgun a minute ago.

(Feedback is appreciated, good or bad!)


This game is a bullet hell. It can be quite hard at times. If you enter the trial and run out of tokens then you will fail the trial and have to start again. You lose tokens by getting shot - so try to avoid that. There is a minimum number of tokens dropped on hit so if you haven't collected enough before you get hit for the first time you will instantly fail the trial.

Getting hit does more than just make you drop tokens.

Good luck, you will need it. Go earn those wings.


WASD or Arrow keys to move.

E to interact

SHIFT to dash.

Left Click to shoot.


Art: Aseprite / Photoshop

Sound: Bfxr / Audacity



Thanks for playing the game! Hopefully you enjoyed it. If you found any of the bugs that I may have forgotten to fix, I apologise :D

What's your favourite gun? I quite like the M249... if you can find it.

Ah, that lovely background music loop? I suck at music so that was made by Grace. She saved my back there! -> Click here for Grace's twitter!

-> Click here for my twitter that I never use!

Check the post-morten for a post-jam to do list!

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  • Wahoo
    • Level 16

    1yr ago

    While it is buggy, it's still rad!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    1yr ago

    Very nice, also the graphics are very fitting. It took me some time to get it through in under one minute, but now I got at last 00:56:399.

    • havik

      1yr ago

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you didn't run into too many bugs (there are a few floating around in there).

      And thanks for leaving some feedback even though it's an old entry!

      Who are you though? Mystery person playing old entries? I must know your name!

      (Thanks again - and nice score, that's pretty fast!)

  • Fachewachewa

    Really good looking game, definitely well polished, and good amount of content / variety.

    The start of the run can be pretty brutal, you're overwhelmed by everything, there's like 2 dialog playing at once, shots come from everywhere, because enemies have already spawned, and the bullets aren't that obvious. I understand the palette choice, but for me it was little hard to read sometimes.

    Also, I think the player's hitbox is a little big for a bullet hell game? Especially since it's and angled top down view, you expect the hitbox to be a little mode permissive than it looks. (edit: Oh that's weird, I could swear I got hit a one point by a bullet neat the head/shoulders of the character, might just be me then)

    Oh and I also had the collision bug that teleported me at the other side of a wall. And the volume of different sounds should really be tweaked. Sound effects are like super loud, music is loud and voices are ok. Overall it adds to the confusion.

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Cheers, glad you liked it!

      Yep, the start is the hardest, and then it gets easier (weird I know!). I've thought of ways to change this - maybe give you some starting tokens. Or maybe block enemies from spawning anywhere near the starting area for a while after you leave the gates (I actually already do this directly outside the gate, so just expand this area a bunch).

      I'm surprised you found it hard to see the bullets, I picked purple on purpose to make it clear. The bullets were originally red so … that would have been miles worse if I'd left it that way! I think next time I do something like this I might build in an option to change those sort of colours between a few options since everybody's eyes are different. Like for this one, maybe allow the player to toggle them between purple and yellow. I hadn't thought of adding that as an option so, thanks for bringing that up!

      The hitbox is actual quite small (bottom third of the players body and not on the wings at all). However it's not clear to the player so I think people try and dodge bullets that they don't need to dodge and end up moving the hitbox into another one. Another thing to work on in the future and make clearer!

      Ahhhh that teleport is so common now, may as well just call it a feature ;)! All these things are things I had noted down to fix but decided to work on adding some new weapons instead. Bad choice by me I think! At least next time I know that it's better to spend some time fixing and polishing a few things instead of adding more content.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen

    My highscore was 2:27. I had fun playing this!

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Not bad! The best score I've seen is 1:04 and the slowest is 14:17, so - you're pretty close to the top! Thanks for playing :)!

  • baku

    Cool game, only really bogged down by a few issues, such as the controls being sluggish and floaty (I mean, the player is floating around, so I guess that fits...)

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thanks! It's my bad with the controls - I built them using acceleration which turned out to be a bad idea for a bullet hell. But I was so used to it during developing/testing that I didn't realise. I suppose I could just say it's just a feature since you are floating, hmmm, yes, it's a feature!

  • Kwis
    • Level 66

    2yrs ago
    • glitch: whenever against a wall, when shooting (at least with pistol) you may get teleported to the next wrapping empty space after the wall (if the wall is on the edge, you get teleported to the other side)
    • As I told you, the game runs slow for me. Which is strange considering my computer really ain't that bad and can play some hungry games.
    • Would have liked the difficulty to be a bit more controlled and not expose you so easily to big threats. Tend to be showered as soon as I get in. Though the slower game made it probably easier for me, managed to get the souls rather easily.
    • Controls feel a bit slippy
    • Depth is sometimes a bit strange, but it has the upside to show us how you placed elements lol
    • Mixels. Not all pixels are equals, just like the human condition.
    • When shooting with a low fire-rate weapon, would like to be able to predict when i can shoot again. Maybe a sound or a reload bar.
    • Although I'm fond that we play a winged being, it made it a bit harder to predict hitbox
    • I like the attack patterns, they're cute!
    • I like that the game has an obvious theme. Sometimes, game tend to throw elements without linking them together.
    • Good thing you made the bullets purple, it made them stand out pretty well
    • The dialogues are numerous, and voiced! A lot of effort has been put into it.

    Was fun, too bad it was a tad slow!



    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you for the feedback! Gah, all these glitches that I thought 'nobody would find', and, everybody has found them! Serves me right for ignoring them and doing other things :D

      I'm sorry it ran slow - I didn't spend any time optimizing things. The outline shader used is fairly slow and the way I'm using it is definitely not the most optimal way. Combine that with all the little dudes running around and you can be in for a slow time, sorry!

      That lava depth issue, damn. I moved that layer to check something and forgot to move it back. Didn't even notice until it was too late. So now everybody can see my magical lava method!

      A visual reload indicator would have been a good idea for the slower guns (shotgun/magnum), should have added that. Already have one for the dash anyway!

      As mentioned a few times here, the game has what a few people have called a 'reverse difficulty' which I think sums it up quite well. It get's easier the longer you survive. Easily solved by giving you some tokens to start with (say 50) and boosting the target tokens a bit. That way you can tank a few shots at the start.

      Glad you liked the attack patterns, I tried to make each enemy type different in it's own way. Those slimes … I hate those.

      Annnd glad you liked the voice stuff! I'm quite proud of that, it added a real comedic element to the game which really gave it some character.

      Thank you again! Next jam I'll make sure to spend some time optimizing things :D

  • Tero Hannula

    It was really solid entry (expect rants listed below) well done! Music was good and it had funny narrations. Graphics were also good. Managed to play it through in fifth attempt, really careful playing in that.

    • The starting was really difficult, in first try I got immediately shot after I passed the gates! :U
    • One time I got teleported and got killed because of that :/
    • Game had really bad slowdown after restarting, which lasted several seconds.
    • Those pesky slimes were really bad with shotgun
    • In bullet hell games you need tight controls, here it was sluggish
    • The Controls and game mechanic couraged to cautios gameplay - not aggressive and fast tempoed. This made getting 300 souls tedious task.


    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you! A few people have described this game as having a 'reverse difficulty' which I think is pretty accurate. I should have given you some starting tokens to make it easier when you leave the gates, would solve that issue I think.

      I haven't experienced a slowdown on restart, not sure why it did that sorry!

      I agree with the controls. I built them with acceleration which wasn't a great idea. It plays much better if I remove that, so will remember that for the future.

      5 attempts isn't bad, I've seen some people take way more on stream!

      Thanks for the feedback! (I too hate the slimes)

  • PenguinCzar

    O wow, that was amazing. Great game with only minor glitches. I did learn that I am trash at bullet hells though. I would like to say that I died a whole bunch of times because I was trying to find the extra weapons, but honestly I'm just bad. So yea, enemies could walk through lava and would like glitch it out and sometimes I would stand to close to a wall and be teleported. Often times it wasn't too bad but once I had like 200 souls and was teleported right into the midst of like five of those slimes. I made sure I wasn't hit before I teleported. But other than that this game is remarkable. I love the voice acting, you deserve mad props for that. This feels like a sellable game, and you said you are still working on it, so hopefully it becomes one. Honestly this takes the cake, best game I've played so far. (Unless you count mine :) Good luck and Fantastic job!

    EDIT: I was under the impression that the shotgun was the best weapon, as "it was the gun I used." But to be fair you apparently you had duelwielding capabilities as you also had the pistol. :) again, Exemplary job.

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you ever so much for the lovely feedback! I apologise for the glitches, it's my bad for spending time adding some extra rare weapons instead of fixing them. I think I made the wrong choice there, but, that's how jams go!

      The best weapon is the M249 if you can find that. Fully automatic and very high damage. Bit like the magnum if it was fully automatic. Quite hard to find though!

      Glad you enjoyed the voice acting, it was very fun to add actually and didn't even think of it until the later stages. Super glad I did though, added a nice comedy aspect.

      Ive created a post jam version that fixes all the glitches, only took about 30 minutes, so kicking myself I didn't do it during the jam! Might add a few new things then stick it on itch, will see how things go!

      Good luck to you too :)

  • GhostlyFeline

    Definitely my favorite game I've played so far! The humor was on point, and the gameplay was very solid! My biggest complaint is that the difficulty seems to start high, and go down the longer you play, until eventually it just becomes a matter of how long it takes to reach the magic number. Still, a lot of love went into this one, and it shows! Nice job!

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Well, that's probably the best line I could have ever heard, thank you!

      I can't remember who it was but somebody described it as 'reverse difficulty', which is a good way to describe it. A side effect of how the game works, not sure how I could change that really, maybe give you some starting tokens to ease the start a bit and then leave the rest how it is? I'm toying with that in the post jam version amongst some other things :)

      Thank you very much for the feedback!

  • Yosi
    • Level 34

    2yrs ago

    Great game! I liked the art style, it's polished and nice to look at. The gameplay is good but I didn't like that you were unable to pick up all of your lost tokens from the ground. Most of the weapons felt good to use except the shotgun, which felt a bit too weak. The different enemy types were interesting to fight. I did encounter the wall collision glitch a good number of times however. It didn't really make the game any harder, but it was rather disorienting. Overall I think it's a really fun and polished game!



    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you! You can pick up your lost tokens, they just don't 'gravitate' towards you, however the hitbox on the coins is rather small so it can be a bit tricky to pick them up again unless you're standing on top of them.

      I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the shotgun. If you get in close then it really does some damage, but go away to anything over than close range and it's a bit of a foam cannon :D I was toying with the idea of adding damage falloff to the shotgun and giving it a bit more range - might have been a good idea!

      Ahhhh yeah, sorry about the wall collision glitch, I purposefully didn't fix that since I didn't think it happened that often so instead added some more content. However, clearly, it's more common than I thought!

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback :)

  • 89o
    • Level 18

    2yrs ago

    Cool cool cool.

    As someone else said though, it ran a bit slower for me, and I found that sometimes the dash wouldn't work for some reason.

    I really enjoyed this one.



    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for playing and leaving some feedback - appreciate it!

      Sorry it ran a bit slow for you. That's something I could easily have fixed if I'd had more time. There is a lot of repeating code and function calls that could be condensed but sadly, ran out of time ):

  • SpaceMyFriend

    I really enjoyed this! It seemed to run really slow for me though. Compared to the gameplay gifs at least. Super nice graphics and sounds! I really liked that your weapon changed when you get hit. Made getting not feeling completely sad :( There was some depth issues here and there, but otherwise nice work!!

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it (even with it running a bit slow). One issue with it being a jam game is I didn't really think much about optimization, I just .. added whatever I needed at the time. Something to look into if I do a post jam version (same with the depth issues, I just left those for later since they were only visuals). Cheers!

  • Professor Stein

    "ohhhh noooo, you killed jerry... poor jerry" Very fun and immersive. I loved the easter egg! Clever implication of a literal egg! I was half expecting a yoshi to pop out c; You have a great voice and gave something that could of been daunting quite a bit of humor. Overall a very enjoyable bullet "hell". You mentioned your art work not being great in a couple different spots, but i really felt the contrary. Your universe all had a like feel! Good stuff :D

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Why did you kill Jerry?! Why man?!? How could you?!

      The egg was actually supposed to be another enemy, a tank one, but I got the code wrong and it just dropped a massive load of coins, which made me think that might be cool to do anyway. So, easter egg is was!

      I hoped the humorous voice lines would add a bit of character to the game since bullet hells can be quite frustrating sometimes, especially ones like this where you need to learn the mechanics first (with the tokens etc), and it was just quite fun coming up with some silly slightly cringy lines :D

      I didn't think the art was particularly good, but when it's all together, it somehow works? You should see some of my other attempts haha. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Loates
    • Level 8

    2yrs ago

    As somebody who is not the most fond of bullet-hell games. It is refreshing to have found one that manages to keep me enticed partly through its charm. The voice acting and dialogue the game provides provides some sense of comedic relief even when I'm starting to get frustrated and makes it easy for me to prepare for the bullet hell ahead, but doesn't take over the bullet-hell feel of the game. The choice of a largely red color palette with fast paced music provides an atmosphere of action and tension and successfully provides me with some sense of immersion. As with the design choices, I firstly wanted to point out the choice of purple as the enemies bullets, which happens to be the opposite of red in color theory and allows the bullets to stand out, making it easier to avoid.

    The innovation of the theme itself is excellent, and I found the idea of your weapons changing and you losing souls when hit to be an intriguing idea. It was a good decision to show your character as white for a few seconds to make it easy to tell when you're taking damage and that you should fall back.

    In terms of stability, I did experience two glitches, one of which being where on the game over screen, I could constantly hear the sound of my weapon firing, and the other being at times, for no particular reason as far as I'm aware, I would teleport in the level.

    However, thanks to all the positives listed above, it is easy for me to overlook these issues and the game overall provides an extremely enjoyable and charming experience. I am excited to see the games you make in future!

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      It's nice to know that you enjoyed it even though you're not usually fan of this type of game! I wasn't originally going to go in a comedic direction but after paying around with some lines it just felt right, so here we are!

      I'm glad you noticed the purple bullets. They were red for most of the design process but it did make it hard to distinguish them from the world in general (even with the outline). I'd been trying red/white combinations for them for the entire day but nothing really worked, then I choose purple about 2 hours before the deadline and was very happy with it.

      You're also invincible while white, just another little thing to make it a bit easier on you if you accidentally run into a bit too much at once!

      Yep, both of those glitches are fairly common sadly. I actually choose not to fix them before the release since it was either, fix those, or add a few more things, and I choose the latter. If that was a good idea or not, not sure. The teleport happens when you collide with a wall at a certain angle, it's because of the way I built the dash in. Didn't think it happened that often but after playing it more, it does! It's totally just a 'feature' now ;)

      Thank you for your feedback! I'm excited for future jams too. Very happy to have finally entered one and actually submitted something at the end.

  • MulfoK
    • Level 1

    2yrs ago

    What a fun game! Frustrating at times, but fun! The art style is fantastic, but I kinda feel like this game has a death state.

    The voice acting is spot on, kinda making you feel comfortable before the bullet hell ahead. Good work!

  • mrbbnbrn

    Really cool game buddy! Graphics are on point. Controls were frustrating but voice acting was great. Overall, it is a great great game!



    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you! Considering I struggle with the art side I'm really happy to hear you liked it. Sorry about the controls - I guess I just got so used to them while testing that I didn't realise they needed tweaking!

      I'm quite proud of the voice stuff so, glad you enjoyed that :D

  • damnscout

    First, amazing quality! WoW! Graphics, and everything were just well put together. Going to use this as the baseline for future gm48 games and to what caliber I should be shooting for (no pun intended). Also, the voice acting was on point. There is no reason I could haven't done the same, so something I'll be trying for next time. All together, amazing work.

    A few things that were frustrating. First, the sound was way too loud. That's an easy enough fix though, and easy to get lost in the shuffle of a weekend. The other thing was at the end, to beat it, I was spraying and praying into enemies I couldn't see, and that seemed to be the easiest. I love shooter, but it felt like I was fighting the controls a bit. Also, the character is very big, and for a lot of the weapons, I couldn't get close enough. It felt weird. Regardless, still an amazing game!

    • havik

      2yrs ago

      Thank you for the lovely feedback! The pun wasn't intended but the pun was appreciated nonetheless. The voice acting was an idea I had about half way through, took a bit of a risk with it but it adds a lot of character to the game I think. Certainly feels much more flat without it! So glad you liked it :D

      I agree with the sound. It felt very quiet when I was playing it on Sunday so I boosted a few things quickly towards then end in a bit of a hail mary attempt to make it better. I may have overshot some areas.

      I've had a few comments about the controls so that's something I'd look into in the future. They're currently a very standard control set and they feel fine to me but it's hard for me to gauge that since I've been using them for almost 48 hours constantly.

      I agree on the Character size. I actually made a smaller one originally but it looked odd so I just copied the angel and changed him a bit, made him a tiny bit smaller. But it's not enough - I think a small character would let you slip between bullets easier (allowing the player a few more mistakes). If I'd had a few more hours maybe!

      Only one weapon is short range - the shotgun. Everything else has unlimited range. (apart from the super soaker which I removed before release :P). Were you maybe hitting the walls at the corners? I've found the lines of sight can be a bit awkward sometimes.

      Thanks again for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Blah blah blah actual post-mortem stuff here at some point.

Some things to change for the post-jam version:

  • Fix the bugs I assumed wouldn't be an issue so didn't fix during the jam including; teleporting after colliding at a certain angle, gun audio repeating on end screen, and the voice line overlap issues.
  • Fix the depth issues with the lava. This is due to the hacky way I created the lava effect. It was quick and dirty and it does show.
  • Make it easier when you first start since gaining your initial tokens is the hardest part as you fail after one hit. Maybe make the docile mob in the lobby drop enough tokens to allow you to take one hit after starting.
  • Change the controls to be more precise by removing the acceleration and friction meaning starting and stopping are instant.
  • Reduce the size of the player character slightly since it's quite large. A smaller player would allow more skilful play in avoiding projectiles without using the dodge.
Result 10th