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You WILL FAIL if you get hit without any tokens. Minimum tokens needed to survive a hit is 12, so be careful at the start!

You've woken up in a strange place. You speak to an angel. They tell you that you're on trial, on trial to become an angel like them. If you pass this trial then you get to keep your training wings!

The only downside is the trial involves harvesting demon souls. Yeaahhh...

Slay demons, collect their soul tokens, become an angel. Just try not to get hit by their demony projectiles. Since you can't die, other weird things happen... ...I so thought I had a shotgun a minute ago.

(Feedback is appreciated, good or bad!)


This game is a bullet hell. It can be quite hard at times. If you enter the trial and run out of tokens then you will fail the trial and have to start again. You lose tokens by getting shot - so try to avoid that. There is a minimum number of tokens dropped on hit so if you haven't collected enough before you get hit for the first time you will instantly fail the trial.

Getting hit does more than just make you drop tokens.

Good luck, you will need it. Go earn those wings.


WASD or Arrow keys to move.

E to interact

SHIFT to dash.

Left Click to shoot.


Art: Aseprite / Photoshop

Sound: Bfxr / Audacity



Thanks for playing the game! Hopefully you enjoyed it. If you found any of the bugs that I may have forgotten to fix, I apologise :D

What's your favourite gun? I quite like the M249... if you can find it.

Ah, that lovely background music loop? I suck at music so that was made by Grace. She saved my back there! -> Click here for Grace's twitter!

-> Click here for my twitter that I never use!

Check the post-morten for a post-jam to do list!


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Blah blah blah actual post-mortem stuff here at some point.

Some things to change for the post-jam version:

  • Fix the bugs I assumed wouldn't be an issue so didn't fix during the jam including; teleporting after colliding at a certain angle, gun audio repeating on end screen, and the voice line overlap issues.
  • Fix the depth issues with the lava. This is due to the hacky way I created the lava effect. It was quick and dirty and it does show.
  • Make it easier when you first start since gaining your initial tokens is the hardest part as you fail after one hit. Maybe make the docile mob in the lobby drop enough tokens to allow you to take one hit after starting.
  • Change the controls to be more precise by removing the acceleration and friction meaning starting and stopping are instant.
  • Reduce the size of the player character slightly since it's quite large. A smaller player would allow more skilful play in avoiding projectiles without using the dodge.
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