• Team GhostMoth
  • 1 year ago
  • 8th


HAZ-CHAN-01 is a testing robot built for running through hazardous conditions, and she loves her job! Using her unique ability to absorb power from dangerous objects, she makes her way through various test chambers, burning and electrocuting herself as much as she wants along the way.


Arrow Keys to Move
Space Bar to Jump
Shift Key to use Hazard Power

GhostlyFeline did the Programming and Art!
LewMoth did the Music!


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  • Fachewachewa

    Very good game overall! Felt really coherent.

    My only issue is with level 2, I didn't notice at first that the fire could make you run even faster when activated, and the jumps were barely doable without using the power, so I took me a while, felt really dumb after that when the next obstacle required me to boost. Switching the two could have avoided that. Usually in puzzle games you want you jumps to be either relatively easy to clear or clearly impossible.

    As for the controls, options are always good. I don't like Z and X because, yeah, AZERY, but you can use X and C, or let us jump with up or whatever. Restricting the controls will always be an issue for some.

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      Yeah, after watching a few other people play through it, some of the jumps aren't exactly clear in terms of whether you can or can't make it. It's something I'll keep in mind for future games.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    I love the music and the art! Really great presentation, guys!

    Only real critique is that the controls were a little annoying at first. I think Z + X or something like that would've worked a bit better than Shift + Space. Mostly the annoyance is having to press Shift over and over. Pinky finger ain't that strong youknow?

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      I was debating whether to use Z and X. I figured it might screw things up for people with different keyboard layouts (AZERTY keyboards being a thing and all). I should have included options for either one though.

  • Tero Hannula

    Graphics were nice and consistent, well done with those :) Music was good, the sound effects were bit 'eh', but it is atleast something. Theme-wise I am with Kwisarts, it wasn't present that well. The hazards were powering robot up, not hurting - they were like overcharging robot for a while. Bit more polishing with controls and it would be just fine :) Otherwise it was good game, bit short but these jams are like that ^^

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      Yeah, the sound effects were very last minute. Definitely could have been way better, had we planned out our time better.

      The theme thing comes down to interpretation, I think, but maybe I could have pushed it a bit further.

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 49
    • The music is super catchy! At some point I was dancing with it. It works super great with this game. Bonus points for the music changing depending on the item selected
    • I like how the different "powers" influence your gameplay and how things change because of it. Not to mention it alterns the visual, and changes the dynamic.
    • The platforming is a bit too precise at times. It could have benefited from a coyote-time and mostly more air control
    • Just would have wished for the theme to be more present. There is no death state, but it has no influence on gameplay. The fire and electricity felt more like powerups than things supposed to kill you (especially since you're a robot). I assume you went for a wario-land kind of transformation where instead of getting hurt, you gain a weird power?

    In any case, fun and straight-to-the-point game! I like it!

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      I agree that some of the platforming could have been more refined. I might have spread myself too thin by having each power have a different movement feel. I'll keep that in mind for next time.

      The main gimmick was indeed heavily inspired by wario land. I probably could have pushed the theme a bit more, but to be perfectly honest, I struggled initially to come up with anything for this particular theme.

  • BitRapture
    BitRapture BitRapture Level 6

    Absolutely adore this game, well done guys! The only thing I can really say is using the shift key can be a little troublesome.

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      Yeah, I probably should have gone with a different control scheme tbh. I'll think about that for next time.

  • Professor Stein

    Truly a blast! Your BG art, character art, and the particle effects were tremendously enjoyable! It made me think alot of kirby, but with much more emphasis on puzzling! I feel like the difficulty curve was a little intense and precise, making it lengthy to progress at times but I don't necessarily see this as a weak point. I personally enjoy a more lengthy title, and find it enjoyable to have to think outside of the box c: The music was nice too with plenty of variation and i loved how it would change with your forms. The only thing I would call a critique is the massive difficulty curve, As i could see people not as familiar with platformers maybe getting stumped or frustrated. But for a short game, this isn't bad. Just the only mention I could think of. Very solid entry and quite enjoyable!

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      Level design and difficulty balancing have always been the bane of my existence, so I'm not surprised that it's an issue here. I'm glad you enjoyed the game though. :D

  • Jonordona
    Jonordona Jonordona Level 2

    Loved it. Was a very pleasing and rewarding experience. I liked how the game was challenging in its own way without a death state (and isn't that exactly what the theme was all about?). Cure charater, check, awesome and simple fire and electricity effect, check.

  • havik
    havik havik Level 15

    That was cool. I like that each thing gave you multiple effects instead of just 'being on fire' or 'electrified'. That added a nice bonus and made the levels a bit more complex. You need to move quickly? Then you need to be on fire.

    I really liked the music too, it fit well with the character.

    Quite a few times I found myself running out of whatever power I needed just before I reached the place I needed it at, so I had to go back and be more efficient the second time around. I imagine quite a bit of testing went into getting it that close? It was well done!

    Good job, it was fun :D

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      Yeah, I thought it would be cool if each ability had a different movement "feel". Like the electric one is all about jumping quickly from one position to the next. The jump speed is very fast, but has a lot of hang time. Whereas the fire ability was meant to evoke a mad dash, where you're just on the edge of being in control.

      For the fire level in particular, I tweaked the last section to make sure that the window of time was challenging, but not extremely precise. I feel like I could have used the timer to greater effect in the other levels, but I was short on time, so level planning was rushed.

  • Lucy Knox
    Lucy Knox Lucy Knox Level 5

    I really love the art style for this game! And the music changing during different states is a really nice touch.

    The gameplay is very solid, my biggest complaint would be that the semi-solid platforms don't always work properly.

    • GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline
      Level 5

      Interesting. I'd be curious to know more about the specifics on the semi-solid platform glitches. I thought I had them figured out perfectly.

  • MulfoK
    MulfoK MulfoK Level 2

    Love this game! I love the art style! The sound! Just everything about it! The level design is good! The mechanics are well though out!

    I wish I was as happy as HAZ-CHAN to be in pain!


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