Test Loop

Test Loop

  • Surg
  • 5 months ago
  • 17th


Phew! I got it done.

You have to loop through the level to score points. The slower you do a loop, the more hazards get added. You only have eight lives, however. If you can do 20 loops in a row w/o dying, you get a flawless label to your score.

There are two stages, one that emphasizes spikes, and one for saws.


Arrows keys to move

Z to jump

F4 for full screen

Esc to go back to menu (when in stage) or exit game

R will reset you, but will cost a life


I did the code work, design, sfx, and UI art

<s>Huge shoutout to Seltzyy for Art and Music</s>

sorry, just me: Seltzy confirms


I used GMS2 and Aseprite


My Twitch

My Twitter

Seltzyy's Twitch

Seltzyy's Twitter

Known Bugs

Your score does not reset inbetween stages, if you really care about it you would have to reset the game. (minor)


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