Night Light

Night Light

  • Vinnie // Bacon // Buttons
  • 3 months ago
  • 18th



Joe's headed down to the ol' lighthouse at the bay. He's invited you to meet him there. Why don't you go see what he's up to? It's a lovely night!

How to Play

Drag boat cargo details onto a word in the phrase to try and turn the phrase into a pun. Cheer up the boats.

Press F4 or F for fullscreen. Press R to restart. Press Q to reset the intro and quit.


Vinnie_V - Programming

BaconBoy123 - Art & Music

Ethan's Baby - Voice Acting

Please note, the tutorial won't play again if you close the game and restart. If you missed the tutorial, or just want to watch it again, press Q to quit the game and also reset your progress. Then open the game again.


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