Untitled Robot Game

Untitled Robot Game

  • kris24
  • 5 months ago
  • 17th


If the name makes you think of geese, you'll be disappointed. I'm sorry.

In URG, you're a robot with questionable building practices. Build your way to the top, but take care you don't get turned into scrap metal along the way.

The levels are randomly generated, so if you get one you really don't like, you can restart the game and get a new one!


  • LEFT CLICK to place blocks.
  • WASD to move and jump.
  • (ENTER to switch to ARROW KEYS if you want.)
  • R to restart.

If you hit NUMPAD 5 you'll get to see a fun feature I didn't get to fully implement.

I made a gameplay video because...why not?


Game Concepts

  • The normal blocks you place only stay in place for a few seconds.
  • When you collect a blue cube, the next block you place will be a permanent block that increases your jump height when you're on it.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally the exit may be hidden or nearly hidden by the foreground.
  • Ran out of time for music, so you'll have to put on your own favorite tunes.


Art, programming, and sound by Kris24


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