Nommy-Nom's  Bobble-Bots!

Nommy-Nom's Bobble-Bots!

  • LadyLeia
  • 1 month ago
  • 58th


this is basicly a small few things you can mess around with, wholly unfinished due to sudden sickness and lack of motivation. i posted the last playable build here so someone could at least get some enjoyment out of what i made.

due to how i understood the rules all art sounds assets are all made within the 10-12 hours i spend on the project, nothing was taken from offline apart from the font that is taken from the Bitsy game engine's source code translated into a sprite sheet by me just before the jam.

the whole game is hevely basted on ones made with Bitsy with the color clashing, tile based movement and tile based movement.

now if you don't mind me I'm going to rest up ... I dont like being sick... :(


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