Module D'Asteroid

Module D'Asteroid

  • fryman22
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Module D'Asteroid

When Kermy Wormy’s lunar module gets swiped by a rogue asteroid and sends you crashing into an unknown planet, there’s only one thing left to do… explore deep space to collect the pieces of your spacecraft and put the pieces back together again. Collect as many crystals as you can to provide fuel for your return trip home and prevent a trip to Gastronom to refuel. That is, if you think you can gather the parts required and be ready to Rip and Dip through this uncharted, new game by Fryman Games!


Traditional W, A, S, D keys move you through the terrain of this new and undiscovered planet.


Artwork, Game Design, Programming, and Game Mechanics:


Sound Effects:



My good friend and extremely talented musician Josh Panzarella

Josh loves creating music and is always interested in new projects involving game soundtracks, sound effects, and jam sessions! Feel free to contact fryman22 for his contact info! 🎵🎶


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