Card Grabber

Card Grabber

  • Akurra and the Boys
  • 1 year ago
  • 2nd

Collect cards and stickers, and use them to battle! Try to grab them all!


  • Poney Corn is OP AF. If you want to have more fun, don't use him. If you want to cheat, use him.

  • If you fight the jazz man (guy with saxophone) and lose, you will not be able to fight him again, making it impossible to finish the collection and beat the game. Make sure you fight him when you feel powerful enough!

  • You can use two stickers at once.

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  • Chris

    Earthbound is one of my favorite games and this reminds me of Moonside which I love. I'm kind of surprised other's haven't picked up on that but then again not many gamers these days give the classics a chance which is a shame. Anyways, I dig it.

  • Jupiter Hadley

    Very neat idea! I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • baku

    Awesome game. Love the vibe, gameplay was fun, and just the idea of powering up cards by putting stickers on them is, like, something that I haven't seen before, but now I feel like it should've been obvious all along? Kids collect trading cards, and they collect stickers, mixing those things seems so obvious now! :O

    Reading that Poney Corn is OP, I avoided using it. Shmulp was my MVP for most of the game, but had to use Grabo for the hardest fights. Also, Ice Cube + Fast Ball was my favourite sticker combination by far. Just rush the opponent with stun-locking bullets!



  • JesusAcHe

    Well Poney Corn may be OP but I had to use him for the final boss so no regrets. Te combat system is actually super fun, I hope you will explore something like this in the future, because with some tweaks to the balance I can see myself enjoying it a lot. The art for the cards was super charming and the dialogue was hilarious. Some small issues with the text going off screen but other than that really solid entry. Even the puzzle to let the other guy win to get a card was pretty nifty.

  • Vojaz

    Fun game with a lot of content in it. Also the card concept in combination with how you play it was a first for me. Love all the different ones and upgrade you can do.

    Not always completly balanced, but that didn't hurt the fun.

  • TobyMoby

    This was exeptional! I really love the idea behind it, it felt kinda like I was back at school:D

    The battles are fun, trying out combinations of cards and different stickers was pretty deep and well thought out. I played through the whole thing and was so happy when my collection was complete :) Needed a few tries for the last enemy, but came out victorious twice (so I can't blame it on luck haha).

    The art was very cool, simplistic but nice to look at and unique enough. Menus were also veray good, felt, you know, finished! I really want to play a feature game of this, with an semi open world like in the pokemon games with cities and stuff, and loads of cards and stickers to collect! Please? K thx.

    A few points of criticism: -Sometimes the text would reach over the textbox and out of the screen. -I would have liked some indicator in sprite or text form, which enemy has been defeated already. I ended up defeating a few ppl several times because I was searching for enemies I haven't robbed of their cards and stickers yet. -A lot of cards (or card and sticker combi) are overpowered. I know that balancing such things can take months, so this is no real "complaint", just an observation. -It would be more convenient to be able to open the cards menu with another key directly, rather than with ESC->Collection. -No real "win" state after defeating the boss, you just get dropped back into the game with loads of cash, which you can't use for anything anymore at this point. Except I missed something?

    Other than that, this was a truly great game, even more so for a 48h game jam entry! Really looking forward to more games of you:)

    • Jason Newman
      • Level 7
      • Developer
      1yr ago

      Thanks so much man! Great feedback, and I am looking to expand this and put up a more robust version on Steam at some point so I will definitely implement these suggestions!

      If you are interested, my main game is called Akurra, of which there is a demo available!:

  • Fachewachewa

    This is sooooo cool! Sure the AI is pretty dumb and the balance isn't really there, but that doesn't really matter here, there's a lot of content and the fights are still pretty fun.

    On the negative side, I wan't a fan of the menus, felt a bit heavy to use escape then go into the collections, honestly missed it for like 2 or 3 fights. There's a few display bugs where text just goes off screen, also would have liked to be able to play in windowed mode. On that note I skipped to main menu by accident by pressing alt+enter é_è

    And lastly, the final boss seems completely broken? I only beat him one, and I feel like it's only due to luck because is shot only twice in the first 3 seconds. Usually there's just an instant wall of death that I can't dodge :( Oh and apart from that, the hardest part was actually to fit in the damn fence :'D

  • Mimpy
    • Level 20
    1yr ago

    Superb game. The card and sticker system is pretty robust for a game made in two days, and I love the idea of schoolkids just waving their cards around and pretending they're shooting stuff. It's like none of them know the actual rules of the game and they're just making stuff up, haha!

    Graze Days

    Graze Days

  • greenio3

    This is a great game! The battle mechanic is super creative, the dialogue is well written and funny, the music is killer, and the art really cements the aesthetic. I would looove to see this game expanded on.

  • kbjwes77

    Best card game I've played yet. Couldn't beat skiddly bop guy due to a bug, but trashed everyone else and took their cards. Great use of the theme, very immersive world and gameplay, loved the quick battles and the audio was simple and effective. Great entry!



  • Naxos

    I really like the idea of completing a card collection! I had fun with your game :)

    The music and sound were good!

    I feel like the balance of the game was a bit off though. I got the 'Pony Corn' card pretty early, and with that I was able to pretty much instant-win against anyone except for red karate dude. I liked the idea of the card game, but it obviously wouldn't be a game that would work in real life XD But this isn't, so it's fine! I also wish there were just a wee bit more depth in the battle system, though I don't have any specific suggestion as such.

    I liked the small inversion with the guy blocking the fenced in area, clever! It was only after I beat him a few times I realized what the trick was.

    If anything, I wish there were a way to tell if you'd already battled someone, but that's a really minor gripe.

    Also, the menus and UI were nice! I liked how you stacked the cards and I thought the stickers were a neat idea (though the gameplay balance made it all feel a wee bit moot). Occasionally a long bit of text failed to wrap and would get cut off the edge of the screen.

    Overall, it has some problems, sure, but it's kinda charming and fun too :) Nicely done!

    PS. I always like watching other people play my games, so I uploaded a video of my playthrough of Card Grabber

    • Jason Newman
      • Level 7
      • Developer
      1yr ago

      Oh wow, thanks so much for the video lol! I do love watching people play.

      Yeah, there are some pretty egregious balance issues with the game lol. It's definitely more fun if you don't use Poney Corn.

  • JacksmackDave

    Wasn't expecting a mix of pokemon and a shooting game. That was a pleasant surprise to me.

    I like the particle effects that you put in, there is a lot of variety in the different people you can battle.

    I didn't beat the game, but I battled quite a few people and explored quite a bit. the random nature of the shots meant that I could be left with no way to dodge some moves... the Rainbow shooting guy for instance put up a wall that I couldn't slip past.

    The escape button to open a menu then selecting collection in that menu seemed very clunky for selecting a new weapon card. I would have just put the card on the main play screen and let you cycle it with Q and E or have the ability to drop them in a hot bar and swap them mid-battle.

    Not sure that the cards as guns idea works for me, but it is very unique and was quite interesting to play. You made a big sprawling area where players can go any direction and talk to anyone to start with. Since the level of difficulty can vary wildly I would recommend having a linear starting area to try to get players to fight weaker characters first. Also giving a more obvious motivation to attacking people might be nice... some folks have this, but a visual queue on the map would be helpful.

    Also, your tree collision masks are to tall I think.

    Overall I would say you did a great job. I can't wait to see what you bring to the next game jam you enter.

    • Jason Newman
      • Level 7
      • Developer
      1yr ago

      Thanks for the feedback! Of course I would have loved to create a more balanced and flowing game, but as you know, it was already quite a lot to do in 48 hours!

  • Gelidity

    There aren't enough "card-game rpg"s out there! This is a solid one for only 48 hours invested. Music, style, and humor were great. I would love to play a full version of this with the gameplay more fleshed out. The final boss was a bit over the top and took several attempts until I feel I just got lucky.



  • Aaron Montoya

    I loved playing this so much, although I feel like after 5 battles I had enough cards to be super op and just destroy everyone else. Same with the bottle caps, after not many battles and getting all the garbage cans I didn't even have to worry about having enough any quickly bought everything from the shop. I played for about 20 minutes but couldn't figure out how to get one of the cards so I couldn't fight the lady that says you need all of them to fight her. But don't get me wrong. I absolutely loved playing this game and I'll probably play it in my free time just because it was so fun! Mixing the cards and stickers to get cool combinations was such an awesome mechanic. If you ever make a post-jam version I would definitely pay for it. And on top of the amazing gameplay the music is just the best I've heard. I've already got the main song stuck in my head. Honestly, hats off to you for creating this sweet game in just 2 days.