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Warning! Warning! Alien Invasion!

Your small planet doesn't have the means to build any defences, so you must use the only resource you have: people.

Fight back against the aliens invaders by launching your populous out into space, but be careful, run out of people and you'll be in trouble. The force of your human cannon will push your tiny planet backwards, which you can use to your advantage to dodge alien attacks or rogue asteroids.

Your planet can only survive if it is the right temperature for life, so don't get too close or too far away from your sun.


Aim Human Canon - Mouse
Shoot - Left Click

Code: Crashb1111
Art: WonderT
Menu / Main Music: Nick Rinaldi
Tutorial Music: Ronuke

Main Music Available on SoundCloud

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  • Nyveon

    I found the theme quite funny, and the game itself was challenging and fun.

    My main feedback was that the shooting/movement didn't feel balanced right. I feel having the planet be a bit heavier might have been better, but that's really just my own personal preference.

    Overall very well made game, good job! :D

  • Tero Hannula

    It was stupid idea, I liked it. And I liked bbroadcast about developers ^^ I didn't see any indicator about my current population status, maybe it was outside of my view as I played on fullscreen with display of 1920x1200?

    • CrashB1111
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it. If you were playing it fullscreen I'm not sure why the population status wouldn't be appearing. We had some issues with really big monitors for the menu but i don't remember coming across anything to do in the game. Sorry about that.

  • fqSake
    • Level 3

    2yrs ago

    Wow, what a fun game. The controls are intuitive, the game is simple but extremely fun! The headlines are a nice touch. The music score and art seem to go really well together. Congratulations!

    • CrashB1111
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoy the game! The headlines were a fun thing to implement and made me chuckle thinking of random things that were funny enough to include. Also glad the music and art seemed to go well together, always seems like a difficult thing to achieve!

  • PenguinCzar

    I love how this game feels. The headlines are just my humor, as is the horrible way to fight against the aliens. Great sense of humor and great little arcade game. That was awesome.

  • illdie
    • Level 12

    2yrs ago

    I adore the concepts and aesthetics of this game! The news headlines at the top of the screen were a great touch, lots of great humor in there. I like the addition of the Sun as well, that's a nice way to spice things up a bit. I will say that the gun does feel a little too weak, and the planet feels a bit too floaty to maintain a sense that I really have much meaningful control over it. The tutorial text was also excruciatingly slow. All in all, nice work, and great idea

    • CrashB1111
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you appreciated the news headlines, they were a nice easy thing to work on towards the end of the jam : ). The Sun (and the other planets) along with the floaty planet is really meant to emphasise the small world element of the game so I'm glad you liked the Sun.

      The gun was a difficult one because balancing for this game seemed difficult to get it to a stage where you weren't absolutely overpowered while also not being at the stage where you were completed under powered.

      Sorry about the tutorial text, I should've added the option to skip through it quicker.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    2yrs ago

    damn that arcade music is really good! and i love the cheeseburger power up, what a great idea!

  • Goldfish Games

    Cool game! A few things I noticed about it...

    • Something about the difficulty seems a bit off
    • Transition could probably be shortened
    • Not quite sure why a tutorial is really needed, your game is intuitive as it is :)
    • CrashB1111
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      2yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback, the difficulty was hard for us to manage as it with just the movement alone the game could be difficult but then if you had mastered the movement it became really easy. I'm interested did you find the game to be too easy or too difficult?

      Transition could've definitely been shortened but I was having issues with it snapping at the end for a while so I ended up neglecting changing it in the end.

      In the end we decided a tutorial would be a nice touch for both those who didn't understand the controls but also an area for people to practise in without as many obstacles.