• PineTree
  • 1 year ago
  • 51st

While you are visiting a snowglobe museum, you unexpectedly run into some acquaintances. It truly is a small world. Thank you for playing my first jam game!


Arrow Keys or WASD: Movement

Space Bar: Progress Text

Escape: Close game

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  • Tero Hannula

    It wasn't much of game, but it was bit wholesome :) Good job with first jam game ^^

  • Veralos

    Cute little game. Very short, but still nice regardless. I like the dual use of the theme to refer to both the snowglobes and seeing people you know. The graphics and music are good too.

  • havik

    I found a globe with a pine tree in it. Must just be a coincidence ;)

    Sweet little game! Very short, it's almost more of a little experience than a game. Very small level too... it's like... a small world... filled... with small worlds!

    Good job! (And hope you enjoyed your first jam!)

  • Nyveon

    A small world indeed, like the figurative interpretation of the theme rather than the literal one.

    My main feedback would be that the effect on the text made reading it while the text was appearing a bit hard, and that perhaps anchoring the text in one spot (so that the individual words don't move) would have been better.

    But for a first game jam entry it's pretty cool! Well done :)

  • BitRapture

    A very cute little peaceful space of a game, it was definitely a moment to relax and take in the atmosphere! All I have to say was that the camera was slightly funky when it recenters.



  • Nick
    • Level 4
    1yr ago

    What a charming little game! Love the pixel art style and the snow globe concept fits the theme perfectly.

  • serialkamikaze


    Peaceful ambience both with the graphics and music. Somehow the peaceful piano music on the background remembered me some great memories from the childhood.

    Glad that you took part in the jam!

  • Alex Fantastico

    A cute pixel game with nice graphics and sound. The dialogue was well written.

    As a beginner, you wisely kept the scope limited. It's better to present a little bit of polished content, than a game full of confusing, janky content.

    Next time around I hope you'll be able to put in some gameplay, even if it's just a little mini game. Overall, nice work!

    El's World

    El's World

  • Chris

    I really liked this, very charming little game, well done my friend.

  • Fachewachewa

    I mean, it's a really sweet little game but... the micro-pixel art for the snowglobes need to be applauded! That Santa was perfect :D



  • Tydecon Games

    I don't know what I was expecting but it was sweet, albeit a very short game - cute style and a good start, I hope this becomes more than what it is now, some big snow-globe themed RPG or something? :) either way, good job!

  • illdie

    Nice and cute. The text box is very smooth, though I think the way the text expands out from the middle is kind of disorienting. The very slow camera adds to that result as well. In any case, good job on completing your first jam! :)

  • Wahoo
    • Level 15
    1yr ago

    Short but sweet. Good work.

    Also, i like how you didn't use the literal interpretation, that was cool.