Small World Cat Service

Small World Cat Service

  • IsmoLaitela
  • 1 month ago
  • 15th



NOTE: Hitbox on arms is one small pixel in between paws! If there's something that looks impossible, just look in the middle of them! Paws themselves only act as an indicator of where the small collision box is currently going.


  • Play as service cat, who helps fellow cats in a colorful world!
  • Solve puzzles and bring joy to everyone!
  • Earn all the upgrades!
  • Explore the small world and learn about its inhabitants!
  • Disclaimer: May NOT be suitable for little kids due to disturbing content.


  • ARROWS or WASD to move.
  • MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT MOUSE to extend arms.
  • E to use.
  • ESC to show exit prompt.



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  • Nyveon

    Great game, really loved the vibe of it.

    Fun characters, interesting dialogue, good design. The main gameplay mechanic also felt very interesting and fresh, and switching it up after each level made sure it didn't get boring. My main feedback would be the hitbox of the hands and electrical wires, it wasn't always clear if I was going to be electrocuted, and sometimes I felt like I was unfairly electrocuted. So Perhaps a smaller hitbox, or some way of indicating it would have been better.

    Overall a really fun experience though! Congratulations! :D

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I realized the lack of visible hitbox being problematic way too late, thus I edited big "important"-part to entry page. Basically, the hitbox is between paws. About 1px wide and tall. Some indicator would've been nice, I agree, but it's gone and done. I'll see if I ever release improved version of this one.

      Glad you enjoyed and hopefully little technical quirks didn't affect too much to the overall enjoyment.

      • Nyveon Nyveon
        Level 10

        Hmm... perhaps it was the cable's hitboxes then? I'm not really sure how to put it in words. But, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It was perfectly playable and plenty of fun :)

  • Tero Hannula

    Good graphics and music and I like story :)

    Unluckily I got spoiled during one stream I was watching so ending wasn't surprise.

    Now I got problem with collisions of arms, although I knew collision are was small. Now especially I had problems when arms stretched back by themselves without new powerup, and there was some object between me and arms; as arms were retreating and touched this object, my arms would appear on other side of object, which basically ruined my try :/

    Also in the end when I tried backstab, and got shocked from Scar (I went for head), and had to retry :\

    Muutenhan tämä oli hyvä, mukavat pikseligrafiikat ja musiikit :)

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Unfortunately when I tried to fix the collison system, I did a bit in a rush and, while definitely better than it was before, still needs tons of fixing. Basically, you can let your arms rest and without moving a mouse, it'll keep them steady. You can actually move mouse a little bit, but if you make wider moves, there's a good chance that the collision area goes inside and sees it's much better to go under than stay on top.

      Scar carries the backstab-area with him, so that's where the aim goes! I know I could've tried to make a special trigger, but didn't think it back then.

      Mukavaa että kelpasi! Vähän toki harmittaa tuo venymisen bugi, mutta näitä sattuu aina välillä. :/

      • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula

        Jams are like that, no time to fix all the things ^^" I did manage to get to the ending, but first time I managed miss indicator and hit Scar head, which was not viable area for beating him.

  • Fachewachewa

    The bucket level is WAY TOO HARD, I wish I had the upgrade for stable arms before that level :(

    Also the dialogs were a little long for me.

    Everything else is good :o

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback!

      That bucket level is much harder on purpose, but unfortunately evil collision bugs are making it even harder. Glad you managed to solve it anyway!

      I was wondering if someone would mention the dialog. I know from the experience that its definitely not for everyone and am a bit saddened to hear that it felt too long.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    honestly that arm stretch sound alone is 10/10

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Cheers! It was done using two leather gloves and some audio editing. :D

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Well that got dark very quick!

    Anyway... I really enjoyed this game. I like the goofy premise of helping people with super stretchy arms. The gameplay of stretching around obstacles is pretty interesting and leads to a lot of fun challenges. It's cool how you get upgrades over the course of the game, though I'm not sure how necessary they were (the game would probably work if you just started with all the upgrades).

    The presentation is really good as well. I like the art and how there are several different characters with their own personalities and houses. It was a nice touch having the obstacle courses be made out of actual objects rather than some random tiles. I also enjoyed the music. The music in the final confrontation was particularity good at heightening the tension.

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed!

      > (the game would probably work if you just started with all the upgrades)

      That would've made it a bit too easy, but would've been really helpful during the second last mission (where you had to retrieve the golden bucket). Either way, it was possible to beat the game without or with all the upgrades.

  • illdie
    illdie illdie Level 5

    I loved this game! It's got a unique idea and a lot of super cute characters... though... uh, I really wasn't expecting that ending O_O

    There were some times when my paws would just clip all the way through nonlethal obstacles and forced me to restart, especially when trying to get the bucket, I'm not sure why that was happening.

    But great entry! Definitely one of my favorite games this jam :)

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I'm glad the ending can catch some people by surprise!

      About paw clipping, that was unfortunate thing which I thought I fixed in "good enough"-way, but as it turns out, it can still be a bit problematic. I know exactly what I would do differently, but you can only think and do so much in 48h. :/

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 4

    This is a cute game with nice art and interesting gameplay. The absurd premise of everyone calling you to retrieve items in their inexplicably dangerous houses was very funny. It took me a while to figure out how to play but I should have read your description more carefully! My biggest gripe is that the physics is not very intuitive in the way the object stays in place when you let go, or how you can't just move your hands past certain obstacles like the trophies. The ending was also pretty abrupt.

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for playing!

      Yes, there is a bit problems with the physics, even though I tried to fix them multiple times, but no can do. Ending was rather fast and came all of sudden, indeed, which describes how fast life can change in real life as well. One minute you are just doing your business, but soon after your whole world can be upside down.

  • ZedSquadron

    Really neat idea. The artwork was nice, and the navigation between houses was really well done. Kinda trippy to move like that. Nice work :)

    I had a little trouble with the stretchy paws, but figured it out after reading the info on your page.

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yeah, I felt like I had to write that down as I heard some people having troubles figuring out how the collision works. Glad you figured it out!

  • dosto
    dosto dosto Level 3

    Well this one really had some surprises!

    The first one was the stretching: it was so weird compared to the theme of the game, but definitely in a good way. Nice idea.

    Different elements of the game worked pretty well, especially the graphics and animations gave me lots of enjoyment. The pacing was well balanced.

    The final mission made me go through some FEELS. The ending scene could have had some more content, it felt it had been left too open.

    (and nice thermometer... I can feel the pinewood backboard on my fingers...)

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Glad you enjoyed!

      Due to the nature of gamejam, we had to prioritise things and unfortunately it was clear that there wasn't going to be an ending I had originally planned. As it is, it was left open on purpose, but apparently a bit too open for some liking. If we had more time, I would've made the ending a bit longer by adding various scenes about how things turn out and so on.

      I'm also glad to see there's someone who managed to experience it throughout! :)

  • Bryce Gelinas

    Lots of promise and I love the art! The stretchy arm mechanic is very creative, but too buggy to beat some of the levels. There are sections where your paws must cross wires, and whether or not the wires are "hot" or not seems to be completely random as far as I can tell. This doesn't allow for a lot of strategy... Which is too bad... I was really hoping to finish it!

    • IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela
      Level 17

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Hit box for stretching is rather small. It's not about paws, but pixel in between them. So if it looks like there's a tight squeeze, you can most likely do it. Path should be clear enough for eye to be seen. Also, arms can stretch only so far and sometimes it is required to move your character as well. Hopefully this helps!


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