A board/card game where you must stop Chaos from destroying the world. When Chaos strikes, the world will become smaller each turn until it is destroyed.

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  • Nyveon

    I'm going to be honest, I suck at card games and board games in general. But I gave yours a try and it was definitely interesting! Well done :)

  • havik

    Sadly I crashed about 6 times! I thought I figured out what was causing the crash but then I crashed again later (once the red stuff had gone off screen). Annoyingly I didn't check the error so can't say if it was the same one or not.

    Cool idea though! Card games can be pretty tough to make, especially in a short jam timeframe. I like the twist of using the mana pools, added another dynamic to the game. The music was good too!

  • Veralos
    • Level 38

    2yrs ago

    It's a really cool idea trying to make a card game for a jam. It took a bit to understand how things worked but I enjoyed the game once I did. Unforunately I kept getting an error so I never managed to to beat the game. The music is fantastic though.

  • BitRapture

    Very interesting! Though I didn't really understand it that much haha, I feel that some hints of how to play whilst playing would have sufficed.



  • Tero Hannula

    Yay I defeated chaos. I got error many times, but then realised what caused it and I could avoid it. For example placing a Spell card in own starting square.

    • scottgoldsmith

      Glad to hear you won! Yeah, that particular spell was added with about an hour left til submission, so I wasn't able to quash every bug in time.

  • PineTree

    I am not someone who normally enjoys card-based games, but I really liked this! Very satisfying to watch my soldiers slowly overtake the enemy. :)



  • Sindre Hauge Larsen

    Very nice music! Didn't entirely understand how to play the game the first time, got a fatal error that a variable was not set at gml_Object_oEnd_Mouse_4. I got a bit further the second time before I got the error again.
    I know how much it sucks when you can't fix bugs after the jam has ended! Do you have a version where the bug has been fixed? Would love to see how it ends!

    • scottgoldsmith

      Thanks! Hoping to release a version in a few days with the bug fixed. I took a few day hiatus after all the madness of the weekend, but that bug seems to have been happening when you were playing the spell card that injuries enemy troops right?

  • Chris

    I really like this game. Cool vibes and fun original game play. Unfortunately ran into a fatal error, it was on left mouse release, something to do with an undeclared local varible, 'ntype' I think. Anyways that won't stop me from playing it again. By the way the music is awesome.

  • Yosi
    • Level 37

    2yrs ago

    Interesting concept! Though I wish there were more visual effects and UI so it was easier to understand what the cards were doing and such.