• Ratchet
  • 5 months ago
  • 43rd

Thank you for viewing Habitat! Habitat is a simulator/god game that has the player balancing a potentially unstable ecosystem.

Start from nothing but dirt and work your way up into a full fledged terrarium teeming with both flora and fauna alike. Habitat boasts a limited water system, meaning that there can only be a certain amount of water in the ground and/or in the sky at any time. This provides a realistic cycle of weather patterns that dynamically affect gameplay.

The depth of the background simulation is great, and all resources are finite. Plan for the future while keeping your current economy rolling, and utilize previous knowledge to progress farther than ever before.

Study complex animal AI behavior and bear witness to chaotic weather patterns and unprecedented zoological effects that have a direct impact on the simulation, and therefore the output of resources needed to progress. Adapt to unforeseen events and predictable yet unreliable weather patterns, and build from life from the ground up.

Will you leave a thriving sustainable world, or nothing but barren wastes?


WASD/Arrow keys: Movement, ESC: Reset game menu (press ESC again to cancel), SPACEBAR: Toggle purchasing window, F11: Toggle fullscreen, F3: Toggle debug info

((when purchasing)) F: Select Fungus, T: Select Tree, H: Select Herbivore, B: Select Bush, C: Select Carnivore,

((after selected)) Left Mouse: Purchase selected item, Right Mouse: Cancel purchase

((if you want to know more about easter eggs or the simulation's inner workings, send me a discord PM @arthrax#6271))

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  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Cool simulation game. I not sure of the exact rules but I managed to build a decent populated of herbivores, with a few carnivores to hunt them them down. I like being able to hover over the animals to see what they're thinking. It's very immersive with lots of nice ambient sounds to add the experience. I particularly enjoyed the rain effects. The rest of the graphics were decent, but there could be a bit more animation.

  • Tero Hannula

    It was fun to have this kind of simulation, though I think gaining experience was slow. I wished there was more to it, but it was nice to drop carnivors next to horses. "I am fleeing for my life", and stuck in corner world with bear who is just "loafing around" (:

    It was nice that animals grew old, do they go to sea to die?

  • baku
    baku baku Level 46 Patron

    Ambitious little simulation game! I wish there was a bit more of a goal to work towards, as opposed to just do whatever you want and see what happens. But I was still pretty impressed with it. The weather, animal behaviours, etc. Even the fact that animals grow older and eventually die naturally. Cool!

  • Nyveon

    Very interesting simulation. Stuff like ecology, evolution and biology in general has always interested me, so seeing this type of project in a game jam was a nice surprise.

    My main feedback would be that there could have been more direction within the game. I understand it's a sandbox, but for the whole gameplay and immersion categories in the rating I'm not sure what to put. No big deal though.

    Pretty cool though, well done :)

  • BitRapture
    BitRapture BitRapture Level 6

    This game has a really nice atmosphere, I streamed this for a while as it was so relaxing haha. I am very curious to the easter eggs in this game, you must tell me sometime ;) (Thinzy#3306).

  • AtomicDouche
    AtomicDouche AtomicDouche Level 14

    Quite fun and cute. I was initially critical when I saw the game, but it really has its charm. I liked the animal behaviour, and how it all tied together in some way or another. I also appreciate the sound design, and the rain. The game is a bit mild, but that doesn't mean it is not worth my time. I spent around 10 minutes playing. I just wish there was more things to do.

    • Ratchet Ratchet
      Level 4

      Appreciate the feedback and critique! I definitely agree, one feature that would have been added if I had more time would be procedural NPC tribes of humanoids that interact with the simulation and have their own genetics system that determine their preferred diet or warlike tendencies, and wars between the tribes. Would have helped to balance the carnivores. Unfortunately when I finished the core simulation I had around 5 hours left so worked on the design aspects and testing. Thanks for playing!

  • GameDevDan
    GameDevDan GameDevDan Level 2

    I like that animals had different behaviours depending on the situation. The whole game progresses quite slowly though - especially for a jam reviewin' atmosphere with lots of games to get through.

    • Ratchet Ratchet
      Level 4

      Thanks for playing! I balanced the progression towards the end of the time limit so it definitely does have issues in that regard. The game isn't so action intensive so you can alt-tab briefly and come back to it if you like the slower pace, but I would have definitely added more to speed the process of progression.

  • Chris

    I played for a very long time. It was satisfying to see the world come to life although sometimes I wish there were a fast forward button. It was cool to see how the animals behaved and interacted. Weather effects were great.

    • Ratchet Ratchet
      Level 4

      Thanks for the feedback! If I had made the game again I 100% would have included a time skip feature or some faster end-game progression.