Don't Get Crushed

Don't Get Crushed

  • Steamy Wet Hat
  • 11 months ago
  • 55th

A true reaction speed test. Controls: Left/Right or A/D for movement. M to toggle mute. Maybe I set my scope too small this jam. Glhf!

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  • jarossco
    jarossco jarossco Level 2

    I had lots of fun with this...simple, yet well executed! Well done!

  • Fachewachewa

    I wasn't a fan of the sounds until that win jingle :D

    Fun game, really short and a simple idea, but the concept is working and the balance seemed pretty fair.

  • Happysquared
    Happysquared Happysquared Level 11

    Neat little reaction time game. I think it'd be cool to have some endless modes where it gets faster and faster. Managed to complete all levels and think it'd be nice to have more of a variety in difficulty. Game was effective at being a mini reaction time test!

  • Ben Caunter
    Ben Caunter Ben Caunter Level 3

    pretty cool game. im impressed you made this so quickly! it is kind of repetitive after awhile but it's pretty cool

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 12

    Deceptively addicting for being so small scoped. Just got to do one more try to make it past that final level. :)

  • Allison James

    At first I thought this was going to be musical - there's something almost like an intro beat to the whirring of the spikes coming down, then the slam, then the retraction.

    As it goes, this was a nice, simple little game that I was useless at. I managed 21/25 and 23/25 on my best attempts, I really just wanted to go into the big white area, not avoid it!

  • Víctor R. Rodríguez

    Simple and cute little game. It's a good start for a more complex design. For example, you can add some music and make the game a musical/rhythmic arcade game.

  • Dazlog
    Dazlog Dazlog Level 3

    Nice game! The controls and mechanic are quite easy to understand and responsive.

    The game maybe gets a bit repetitive after a while as there's not much to do. The sfx were a bit too much for me, and I was missing some music to make the pace of the game a bit better.

    But good job overall, you made a really fun game that can be expanded.

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 14

    I got crushed. For a reaction game, this seemed to work pretty well. I think it needs something to keep it interesting though. Maybe music, or just a variety of sound effects.

  • PizzaBandit

    I had a blast with this but I was hoping there would be another level with the same back and forth mechanics but different hazards. Awesome game

  • jack
    jack jack Level 16 Patron

    Decently fun for what it is, and towards the end it really does become a legitimate reaction speed test.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Cute little game. got a little repetitive after a while though. But still really fun.

  • Pixel Pincher

    Nice little game! I can totally see this as a mobile game. Maybe by swiping the character to the left and to the right so it can be played with one finger.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    nice game liked the sound