Budding And Flooding

Budding And Flooding

  • Wahoo
  • 9 months ago
  • 41st

Budding and Flooding

Budding and Flooding is a small game where you must complete an infinite cycle of tasks to grow a bud to a big strong tree in an ascii world.

I had to submit this very early, so this was more of a fun experement with fonts and ascii art.


Complete the tasks given to you. Colours of the task indicate what resource must be taken to the required location.


WAD - Move W - Select Interacting is automatic


Gather up a fair few of each resource when you can, so you don't have to later!

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  • Ivanbje

    I like the art, it is clean. The water looks nice. Would be cool as a metroidvania.

  • baku
    baku baku Level 55 Patron

    Like the ascii art ^^

    Continued to play for a while after the tree stopped growing, I assume there is no ending?

    Oh, also, fullscreen and window resize don't work - it feels like you enabled those options, but have code running every step that resets the game window to default size or something? 🤔

  • Tydecon Games

    I like the concept but I would have liked to have seen more, if you're going ASCII, go all out and make it fully ASCII where the character aligns with the grid, I also think more could have been added in different areas to expand on this. It's a good, experimental idea, hopefully with more time you'd be able to expand further on this

  • Big Gay Dinosaur

    not too fun, tbh i was stuck on the menu because i didn't know what button to press(i know it says the controls but i'd rather have the controls in the game), fits well but i don't like it, i appreciate the effort tho

  • Ternox

    It's nice. Visual style is cool, but the gameplay is too simple.

    • Wahoo Wahoo
      Level 15

      Yeah that's a fair judgement, haha. I was meaning on turning this into a larger metroidvania, but IRL things happened so I thought I'd just release this little version instead.

  • Hessery
    Hessery Hessery Level 8

    Short and sweet!

  • thinker227
    thinker227 thinker227 Level 6

    I absolutely love the ascii art aesthetic and retro sounds and general feel of the game. Though while the art and sound is good, the game starts to feel more like a chore after a few minutes rather than something I actually want to play. It feels like the player needs more of a motivation to do these tasks.

  • Chris

    The ascii art is cool, now I kind of want to make an ascii game. Even though the gameplay is simple it fits the theme well and I was pretty into it while I was playing.

    • Wahoo Wahoo
      Level 15

      Thanks :) It's very fun to make assets with ascii characters, I recommend you try it sometime!

  • SwiggityCricket

    Hey, it sounds like you didn't finish the game, but I did enjoy the aesthetic and what gameplay you did complete. I hope you come back and flesh out this idea in the future.