Not Spacious Oasis

Not Spacious Oasis

  • Hot Nenjine
  • 1 year ago
  • 20th

Play as the last of the "humans", fighting to keep the last oasis from the mutant apex predators, who swarm in hoards for the last of the life giving water.

Defend your oasis by growing shrubs, plant turrets, carrot-men, and your own friends to help you!

How to Play

This game is played with a mouse and keyboard - you have a finite buildable area in which you can place different types of things to build. Your goal is simple, defend the oasis! As predator raids occur, they will drink and taint your water supply - water is a necessity for building everything in the game, and a tainted water supply will mean the end of all humanity!

Everything you build comes with a cost - you can't just hope something will grow! Collect seeds by defeating the raids and turn those winnings into defenses... the mutant predators become more and more desperate by the minute.


As mentioned, there are four types of units you can build.

Stationary Units

Walls (Cost: 1 Seed) Certainly not the most fancy things, but they'll slow down enemies in a pinch. At least they come at a bargain!

Turrets (Cost: 15 Seeds) It's a flower... well, a really expensive flower. It happens to shoot things out of it's head when it decides the mutants are coming too close.

Mobile Units

Carrots (Cost: 5 Seeds) It's a carrot! Or maybe a man in a carrot suit? Either way, this offense unit gets the job done... but don't count on them for long.

Workers (Cost: 10 Seeds) Ah workers. Non-disposable AND non-destructible. More workers speed up construction and repair of stationary units... just don't expect them to help fight off raids.


Mutant Chickens Don't underestimate these little ones - they may seem harmless at first, but they can quickly overwhelm your defenses if you're not careful!

Bad Bovines These beasts are not to be taken lightly!


Hessery and BrianLaClair bring this to you collaboratively from Australia and USA - we hope you enjoy our hard work!

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  • Tero Hannula

    I managed to get to round 13, game was well done. Game started to get repetative as there were no more enemy types or turrets.

    • Brian LaClair

      Ah! It's the real Tero commenting on our game :) Loved your submission - I'm a total sucker for 3D stuff in GM though and love spending my free time building nice 3D workflows in it.

      Good job on getting to Round 13! Seems like a lot of folks who are rating are averaging around level 10 or so. My current best on the jam release is 103... which means I absolutely see your point.

      Although I haven't really told Hessery yet, I have a bug-fixed post-jam version ready to go, and still have a few more days to keep adding some stuff before we post something... My plans include 3 new buildable units and two new enemies, along with plenty of gameplay updates that have already been added.

      Glad you got to enjoy it for what it is currently :)

      • Tero Hannula

        Oh thanks ^^

        In your game I could have done better with buying right stuff at beginning. But for reaching 103, yeah there must be strategy behind :o In the game I liked how workers walk around watering things, they felt adorable. For post-jam version I would recommend that you have options which plants workers prioritize, like: a) Closest to water, b) Closest to selected point, c) Type of plants, d) Order when created. Currently player doesn't how much of control how workers behave.

  • Ash
    • Level 1

    1yr ago

    Im a bit biased because I love tower defense games but this was a fun take on that genre with this theme, I played twice and made it to round 15!

    I wish there were more graphical elements to the desert areas and maybe some more enemy variety, but it's a fun game :)

    • Hessery
      • Level 10
      • Coder

      1yr ago

      Hey Ash thanks for playing our game :D

      Those were planned, but alas we were bug fixing right to the very end ha ha.

      If we do a post jam version, we'll definitely add those.

  • James

    Great game!! I just played a few times. Might have to come back to it later. Super addictive!

  • Tydecon Games

    I think it's a fun, creative tower-defence style game, though maybe a little slow-going at first but it does pick up the pace, good job! :)

    • Brian LaClair

      Thank you, Daniel! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      I'm toying with us releasing a post-jam version of the game and have already implemented a lot of bug fixes and changes, the most noteworthy change so far being how that raid timer works - specifically to avoid times in the early game where players might (randomly, I'll add) be standing around waiting!

      Watching some folks that have streamed the game really made me realize that it needed to change and I was wondering if someone would mention it here in the feedback. Because it's somewhat random, there may be some folks who have played it and thought the raids were happening too quickly, but oh well!

      • Tydecon Games

        I think it's tough in a jam to get the timing just right as you're only going on your own judgement, I made a similar mistake with my entry and the controls, when you're your own judge, it's hard to get it just right and there's not much time for play testing. But I think this has some good potential, maybe a "skip to next raid" button or something along those lines would be a nice feature? But I do hope you carry on and release a post-jam update, there's a lot you can expand on with this!

  • Nyveon

    I made it round 10!

    Loved the strategy elements of the game, came here from your reddit post, what you managed to make is very impressive.

    Overall pretty solid, would have loved to see more unit variety however (on both sides).

    Good job!

    • Brian LaClair

      Hey Eric, thanks for checking it out! I'm looking forward to trying out your entry in just a few minutes...

      I definitely wish we had time to add in more enemies and buildable units, especially things that aren't buildable with your initial seed count - maybe we'll come back around to working on this and add a few more things while we're at it!

      My record on the jam version is round 79 :O But 10 isn't bad, and is pretty close to my average score, haha.

  • Chris

    I made it to round 10. I had fun playing it, the one thing I would suggest is that the enemies try to pathfind before destroying shrubs. That way the player can make shrub paths to the center instead of enemies destroying shrubs in their path. Great game!

    • Brian LaClair

      Hey, thanks for playing Chris!

      I think having time to add (some) pathfinding would have added a bit too, but the way it stands is that shrubs are great in the early game (pre-raid ~10ish) to prevent chickens from disabling your turrets while you're still working on having enough workers to build quickly.

      It's good to keep in mind that it's a balance between new builds and repairing your old ones - my biggest hint is to not build during raids.

      Glad you enjoyed what you got to play of it :)

  • scottgoldsmith

    One of the better games of the jam! I liked the Tower Defense style of it a lot.

    • Brian LaClair

      Thanks so much! It was a total mind-boggler to get everything working mostly "right".

      I've played a few rounds since we launched it on here and am fairly happy with how everything is balanced - I'm sure some folks are going to be way better at playing it than I am!

  • SwiggityCricket

    Interesting concept. I like the idea of tower defense + harvesting. Even the workers have to grow! It was a little weird in the beginning, and I didn't have a ton of time to play, but I feel like if I played more it would get more fun the further I progress.

    • Hessery
      • Level 10
      • Coder

      1yr ago

      Hey Swiggity, thanks for playing our game!

      It is a weird game, and we had a blast coming up with all the oddities!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    1yr ago

    overall great game, super fun and fairly dificult. good job guys :)

    • Brian LaClair

      Hey, thank you! Now that we're done making it I'm having a lot of fun with it, too. (But it was also a blast to make).

      Thank you for playing!