Live a life in the life of Alex Bird, from age 0 to age infinity - however you please. But at least make a few dollars in the process.

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  • baku

    Millionaire at age 8. Experienced the puberty I wish I had. Billionaire by 18. Died in a tragic but presumably insanely cool stunt.




    • Allison James

      You can still gain the fame for the stunt if you die in it - one of life's mysteries xD

      I know the feeling. Well, of the puberty bit. Not the millionaire at 8 (or indeed 29) bit lmao

      Thanks for playing!

  • Tero Hannula

    I liked it, too bad it seems there were no more jobs, although I clicked everything I could. So I stayed low-class person with low-entry job, and I just had my 50 million dollar, mansion and being happiest man in the planet. Eventually in my forties I got tired of live and did stunts until death got hold of me :V

    • Allison James

      I've learnt that this game, in its early stages, definitely promotes a life of "well better see if I can fail the Grand Canyon jump just to end this lifetime of overflowing happiness and obscene poker tournament victory" 😅

      Thanks for playing! Definitely going to be expanding all aspects of it in the future including better job options etc.

  • havik

    Well, I got to 400% happiness! I did a few stunts when young and then just read books and "invested" in poker and boom, worlds richest man and happiest man all in one - and people say money can't buy happiness ey?

    I was trying to see if I could die of old age or something, got to age 69 (funny number!) and then took a break and did something else for a bit... including updating my GPU drivers - which restarted my PC. So I guess I did sort of die, in a way of my own making? :D

    I definitely DID NOT cause any havik :< :< :< :D

    This could work as a sort of idle game cross thing. Being able to automate some things - like maybe if you read a lot of books, you start automatically reading a book once a month (extra on top of the normal things you do). Lots of potential for some fun extra things!

    • Allison James

      Thanks for playing 😄 The happiness thing is a glitch - I didn't put the max check in enough places, so certain things will reset it to 100% but most normal play won't xD And yeah, the poker is definitely unbalanced!

      I definitely have big plans for the game going forward - it's designed in an extremely modular way in the backend so I'd like to give it a bunch of extra interactivity (instead of text poker, you'd have some form of actual poker, etc) as well as obviously expanding on a lot of its ideas and fixing its issues.

      You can't die of old age - I wanted to include this, but it went from "the older you are, the more susceptible to illness you are" to "I don't have time to implement illness properly, I'll just cap it at 100" to "I don't have time to cap it at 100" xD Running out of health is the only way you can die, and iirc, the only ways of doing this are maintaining a lack of happiness for many years or failing the health check on a stunt.

      (If you do happen to want to keep playing, it autosaves every year start, so you should be able to resume from age 69!)

  • Tydecon Games

    I love the minimalist style on this and I think it's a really interesting concept. There are some things that need to be evened out if you continue with this post-jam, such as the poker tournament and stunt option being waaay too OP, I had like $8 million in the bank before I left school. And I'd love to see so many more options that I imagine the time constraint didn't allow for now. But the foundation is here and it'd be great to see more! I'd love to see a death state too, morbid as it is, some sort of achievement count at the end showing the branch I took, because as fun as it is imagining a 120 year old doing stunts and gaining millions, I think it would've killed my dude off far sooner haha :) I really hope you carry this on as I'd love to see more!

    • Allison James

      Thank you for playing! Yeah, absolutely, there are balancing issues here - artifact of a lot of the "activities" being the last thing I added xD I'm definitely going to be filling out the game to a massive degree in the future.

      The game does already have a death state, but it can only really happen if you run out of health, or a stunt goes wrong. But it's a fairly plain single message right now - love your idea of a post-death life journal, I'll definitely investigate that!

  • Mimpy
    • Level 26

    1yr ago

    I got super lucky on several stunts in a row and pretty much coasted on my winnings into the rich life, haha. Now that's definitely basically capitalism. I like the minimalism, and I'm a sucker for data charts and stats.

    It feels almost like an idle game with agency, the money goes up as your jobs get better but you get to actively choose how you go about things. And the witty writing is a huge plus that makes the time go by smoothly.

    One thing I would definitely like is a way to reliably work on your stats, I pretty much spent most of my time building hundreds and hundreds of things to raise my education at a snail's pace, and my happiness skyrocketed into way way above 100%. Not sure if that's supposed to happen, haha.

    Overall a fun experience, and very on-theme. You watch your capital, and yourself, grow over time.

    • Allison James

      Thank you very much for playing and for your insights! 😄

      Absolutely want to make everything more in depth in the full version whenever it happens. One of my goals will be to make the game a lot slower (at least in the adulthood phase), so you can more effectively micromanage time, specialise your attributes, and then see far deeper and more involved activities that broadly depend/rely on your specialties. There's only a tiny whiff of that in the GM48 version.

      And the >100% happiness is a bug! The game doesn't check if they've underflowed/overflowed frequently enough (they may literally only tie to year end or certain activities, can't remember) - until about two hours before I "finished", there were no events that even truly impacted happiness, so there will be a plethora of small oversights. I'm surprised nobody's found a crash yet honestly xD

  • Cavedens

    I've definitely never had a bleeding at school issue before. What a new experience. I like how I ended up getting a senior job and losing a ton of money... to close to home. I did find out poker tournaments are super profitable ;)

    Mixel City

    Mixel City

    • Allison James

      Yeah, anything that becomes available as an adult was something I added very, very late into GM48 - at the end of day 1, the game only had content up to age 1 from how long the back end/framework took me, so even just getting enough in for up to 18 was a little more rushed than I'd have liked it to be. Including balancing. 😅

  • Chris

    I learned a few new words (defenestrate was not one of them btw). I was very immersed until I suddenly died from doing a stunt at the age of 19. This is definitely memorable and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • Allison James

      Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! Sorry to hear about the stunt, they can go wrong sometimes.

      And I apologise if you Googled "meconium". 😅