Super Puzzle Rush!!!!!

Super Puzzle Rush!!!!!

  • The Great Gatsby
  • 3 weeks ago
  • 29th

1.) controls arrow keys to move and jump ctrl to pick up and throw blocks p to restart a level (don't worry about this one to much)

2.) Gameplay beat the puzzle within 60 seconds or else Tony the killer robot will have some words with you! there are 9 levels total with one ending room.

3.) Notes Yeah, the puzzle design leaves something to be desired. If you absolutley cannot figure it out or if the giant robot refuses to knock all the walls down, I will provide the answers here. don't look further if you don't want puzzle answers!

level 1 - pick up the box resting on the pedestal, and put it on the orange button. slip through and jump your way to the door.

level 2 - there are two boxes nearby. put one on the button on the left, and since I coded it so that you cannot place boxes down if the floor is too low, you will need to use the conveyor belt to put the box on the button

level 3 - the key here is to , well, get the key! use the box in the top right to hold down the button on the left, and nab that sucker.

level 4 - this is where I introduce sideways boxes, boxes that fall to the side. use one normal box to hold down the button, grab a key and a sideways box from the same room, and head to the door.

level 5 - this one is really hard. there is a sideways box up above. first, press down the button in the center with your own body, and then stop so the sideways box holds that button down. then, pick up the normal box and set it down on the button at the bottom. then, press the middle button again with your own body.

level 6 - there are two buttons on the right, one on the floor, and one on the wall. hold the floor button down with the box provided, then grab the revealed key and sideways block. use the sideways block to hold down the wall button, and then use the normal box and throw it on the conveyor belt. it will only hold the door open for so much time, so move fast!

level 7 - this is all just putting sideways boxes on buttons

level 8 - this one is a continuation of the boxes on conveyor belt timed idea. throw two boxes on both conveyor belts, and dash over to the door. if all else fails, the robot should clear the way for you once it comes by.

level 9 - press the left and right buttons to get the sideways block to fall all the way to the right. then, use the box provided to get through the door.

THAT'S ALL! if you made it that far, let Carcinisation do the rest.

This jam has been an adventure. thank you so much for playing!

4.) Credits Programming and level design by The Great Gatsby! (It's his fault!) Epic music by Kwis! (Thanks Again!)

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  • baku
    baku baku Level 53 Patron

    Neat little puzzle game! I thought the sideways buttons were quite a cool mechanic honestly the level design was not bad at all for a jam game, old sport :P My only complaints are the physics being waay too floaty, and the 60 second timer was never a problem

    Edit: AAH after reading other people's feedback I went back and tried letting the timer hit 0—lmao yeah ok I understand the ending a lot more now 😂

    • The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby
      Level 9

      Ha! yeah, I considered making the puzzles harder to let the timer reach zero more often, but I was worried it would lead to players taking the "boss exit" more frequently. The idea of the robot was to ensure that players who were stuck could still progress, albeit in an unconventional way. I have gotten a lot of feedback about the movement, and I'm glad that the most frustrating thing in the game is such an easy fix! happy to hear that the puzzles weren't to difficult for you. thanks for playing!

  • Jackaroo
    Jackaroo Jackaroo Level 9

    I really like the game and the puzzles too. The robot that comes to get you when the timer hits 0 is equally cool and terrifying. He actually opened the path to the exit for more though on the puzzle he showed up in, but I kind of like that you can use him in a way to reach the exit. I still had to dodge a lot of his attacks to make it there when it happened so it wasn't as if it was easy.

    However my biggest issue comes down to the movement. The player character accelerates and moves way too fast. For a game like this where you need to make some precise moves, that speed is far too frustrating. There was a couple of times where I just wanted to set myself up to complete a puzzle by placing blocks in the necessary spots. But due to the high speed I kept missing the spots that I wanted to place the blocks in and ended up failing. The overall speed just needs to be heavily reduced so you have much more precision with your movements.

    As it stands it's still an enjoyable platform/puzzle game but that one issue just makes it more frustrating than it needs to be.

    • The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby
      Level 9

      thanks for the feedback! The robot opening the way to the exit is exactly what I was going for. I will need to remember that about the movement, that is definitely something I will remember and work on in the future

  • PizzaBandit

    very good puzzles and overall polish. Really cool animations too

  • singleshot
    singleshot singleshot Level 27

    A neat little puzzle platformer, I feel that the player physics were off, The player feels like it has weight due to the slow acceleration and deceleration. but for super tight platforming like in this game, having better deceleration would have made it a lot more fun to play.

    If I have to fight the game to make the player go where I want to, then I can’t focus on the puzzles as well, And in puzzle platformers the platforming part is more of a means to interact with the puzzles and should only exist as much as the puzzle needs. So having binomial movement, either full motion, or no motion would have been better for the game I believe.

    As for the puzzle themself, pretty decent, a good amount of mechanisms that all operate under that same logic and controls is really nice and hard to do.

    I feel like the difficulty curve of the puzzle was a bit all over the place, some later puzzles were much simpler than the one before them. Changing the level order around to fix this would have made for a better experience.

    Overall I did like the game as a whole, it's more so a bunch of collected small bits that held it back for me. Pretty good job!

    • The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby
      Level 9

      thanks old sport! Yeah, in hindsight the movement and puzzle difficulty could have been better. I'm working on a post-jam version to try to fix these issues. Thanks so much for playing!

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 30

    The robot was incredible.

  • Kyle Landon
    Kyle Landon Kyle Landon Level 5

    The different gravity on the boxes was a nice touch! I think the controls were a little sensitive but they were otherwise OK. P.S. I was NOT expecting THAT to happen when time ran out. XD

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    What a fun game. I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby
      Level 9

      that's awesome! thanks for playing! I love seeing videos as it's a really helpful way to see where players are getting stuck. thanks again for playing!

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 37

    Really nice puzzle game. There a good amount of different mechanics to keep things interesting as the puzzles progress. I especially liked the sideways boxes, though it would've been cool to have boxes for all four directions. The killer robot thing when the times runs out is pretty cool, though maybe a bit unnecessary. The music is very good, as are the graphics, but the view is zoomed out a bit too far for my liking.

    • The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby
      Level 9

      thank you for the feedback! My hope with the boss was that it would provide a way for those who couldn't figure out the puzzle a way to beat the game. I wanted it to be a complication, not necessarily a challenge. thanks for the feedback about the boxes! multi directional ones are something I will keep in mind for the post jam. thanks for playing!

  • Tydecon Games

    This is a really clever idea and a unique style - I like it a lot. Very floaty jump but I feel as though that's intentional! Great game and solid entry! :)

  • adam02oc
    adam02oc adam02oc Level 2

    I liked this a lot! The puzzles were well designed, especially near the end, and the inclusion of the killer robot was just so off-the-wall yet amazing at the same time. The background timer was also a great addition, since the player could keep a constant eye on it without being distracted from the level. The only complaints I have are that the controls are kinda annoying and some of the sprites can be difficult to distinguish at times. Other than that, great work!

    • The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby
      Level 9

      Thank you! I'm planning on doing a post jam version, hopefully with some better art and reconfigurable keybinding. I'm glad that you made it all the way through!

  • Junction Games

    Pretty good! The controls are really floaty, but the concept and execution of the tank enemy is absolutely fantastic.