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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3mos ago

    Cool little game, solid start to a platformer.

    The theme felt a little weak, more like effects than side effects, but I can see where you were coming from!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3mos ago

    Would have been nice to have some turtle time

  • kris24

    I think I enjoyed the invisilbity effect the most, even though it was a little tricky to play. I don't think I've ever come across that in a game before. The control responsiveness sort of lets this game down a bit, for me - it's hard for me to explain but it just feels stiff and like you don't have much control, which for a platformer game is kind of everything.

    The main character being a blank green rectangle kind of distracts, more than it should, from the otherwise pretty solid art style and look. Also the lack of sound, but I'm sure you just weren't able to get to it (been there, done that!) . Good start.

  • Om Rane

    I liked the different abilities that you could get and how you could utilize them. I noticed that you had to press F to get those abilities when in reality you needed all of them to finish the level anyways. It might have been interesting to offer the player a choice in what ability they want and then have them follow a different path depending on their choice. This could synergize with the "side effects" theme of the gamejam as well!

    Otherwise a very straightforward game, it was fun to play :)

  • Junction Games

    Cool ideas, but I would love to see some options where you can choose which powers/side effects you want and have multiple ways to get through a level. I see this as a great (little hard game design-wise) tutorial for an interesting puzzle platformer. Great job

  • Jupiter Hadley

    Good start! I included it in my GM48 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Tydecon Games

    I feel like you've got a good solid start on an entry here, the foundations are here for a really interesting game with a good take on the theme - I would've liked to have seen some sound and maybe some character design in here but I appreciate time is a tricky thing to factor in a jam - I hope you continue to work on this as it has potential to be a fun little web-game or something in future, great start :)

  • Allison James

    This reminded me a little of the flash game "This is the Only Level", where the game only had one level but deployed a series of increasingly weird gimmicks to make it continuously different to complete. There was more than one level here, but it was neat to be introduced to the different mechanics, and then have them combine in unique ways.

    Definitely got the vibe this is unfinished, which is a shame - you've made a great start on what could be a pretty satisfying platformer, with a boatload of potential for new mechanics and therefore a near endless pool of puzzle opportunities through combining them.

  • Jaspo
    • Level 13

    4mos ago

    Perhaps they were just supposed to be simplistic but the graphics feel unfinished, particularly the player character. The lack of sound adds to this feeling. Additionally the level design isn't great in places (blind jumps for example) and the movement seems a bit awkward overall. This is another case where the effects aren't side effects really, just effects. Also in this game there doesn't seem to be an element of choice, might be wrong but I think you always need all the things provided at the start of each level.



  • SwiggityCricket

    I'm not sure where "side effects" came in. You take a pill, and get the effects. The platforming was pretty solid overall, although it felt clunky and slow sometimes due to the pills. I think you should have put more of an emphasis on a "puzzle" aspect where you change between the different gravity/size modes to solve jumping puzzles. The game had an ending and was finished though, so that's really good!