RiskRun is a top-down game where the player must blast their way through hoards of mindless killer drones in order to collect precious jewels and return them to base in exchange for dollar$.

The Risk/Reward element is: The player has just 60 seconds to collect as many jewels as possible and return to base with them. The further you go from your base the higher the value of the jewels. Along the way you can also pick up time bonuses and extra health to help you get back to your base alive. Your only goal is to beat the high-score!

The controls are simple, fly around using the arrow keys, aim and shoot using the mouse.

The game is inspired by classic 80s games from my childhood - mostly ZX Spectrum or Sega - and modern top down shooters as well.

100% one man project - there are some features I didn't have time for - such as multiple enemy types, multiple terrain types, multiple weapon types, full high-score table/leader-board and finally sound FX would really have given it more feeling!... But for 48hrs I am quite pleased with this prototype. I hope you enjoy it and can see the potential in this simple idea :)

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