Into the Void

  • Platformer
  • Veralos
  • 2 years ago
  • 10th



Recent experiments in a top secret lab have led to the accidental creation of a highly contagious virus. Fortunately, a rare plant could hold a potential cure. Unfortunately, this plant is found only in the depths of an inter-dimensional void. The lab has technology necessary to open such a void, but that doesn't mean retrieving the plant is easy. The voids are filled with dangerous inhabitants and are very unstable - they will begin to collapse once the plant is taken. You will need to use all your skills to survive as you "descend" Into the Void.



  • Use 'Left' and 'Right' to move
  • Press 'A' to jump
  • Hold 'S' to pull yourself upwards
  • Hold 'D' to shoot

WARNING: Pulling yourself upwards too much will snap the cable and kill you


  • Press 'Escape' to exit level or quit
  • Press 'F4' to toggle fullscreen


  • Made by Veralos
  • Game made with GameMaker: Studio
  • Sound effects made with Bfxr
  • Music made with BeepBox


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  • Brupibo
    Brupibo Brupibo 10
    1 year ago

    Hard game. The game could be a little easier and get brutal on later stages. I got stuck on the 2nd XD But I had fun playing. It is well done in all aspects. Very good work!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      It's unfortunate you couldn't make it very far, but thanks for playing and giving feedback.

  • Vertex138
    Vertex138 Vertex138 6
    1 year ago

    This is a surprisingly incredible game! This is one of the few gamejam games I've really wanted to complete all the way to the end.

    Sure, the graphics are nothing to write home about, and the sound effects were relatively basic, but they don't take away from the experience at all. The music was wonderful (especially when you beat a level), and the visual effects were satisfying as well (although maybe tone down the screen shaking a bit?)

    The mechanic of being able to pull yourself up on a tether is something I've never seen before, and it's a wonderful idea. The game's difficulty might be too hard for some players, but without any real penalty for dying, it made for a great challenge.

    Also, I couldn't help but think of that old Game & Watch game "Octopus" where you're a diver pulling treasure out from the bottom of a lake while avoiding a big'ol octopus. Maybe that's just me being weird.

    This is a nice, smooth, simple, satisfying game. Excellent work!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      Glad to hear you liked it. Sorry about the screen-shake.

  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 34
    1 year ago

    Very good game, good idea, and the gameplay fits extremely well with the theme.

    Two little complaints : there's a little too much screenshake for me and the keyboard layout isn't that great (and I would have loved to use a controller for this game).

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer


      I'll add screenshake options and controller support to the list of potential features for if I ever make a post jam version.

  • Scott Richards
    Scott Richards Scott Richards 19
    1 year ago

    I think you nailed the theme, it really felt tied to descending more than most games in the jam. The ascension was incredibly difficult for me, the twitch timing was pretty unforgiving. I think easing into the level difficulty would have helped quite a bit. But it was a beautiful game.

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      I'm glad it portrayed the theme well.

      I had another person have a similar issue with the ascension. Are you jumping before using the cable to pull yourself up? If you only use the cable (without jumping) it's much harder. Regardless, if I ever release a future version I'll try changing it so that the escape starts slower and increases a bit with each level.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Great work.
    I think it says a lot that I was able to persevere through the difficult last level. I'd say that being able to accept my many failures were my fault rather than bad controls or poor mechanics is a sign of a well made game. Although the first time I made it to the bottom of the last level I was expecting the void wall to be able to block the turret completely, but the wall hitboxes are small enough that there are angles it can shoot through and kill the player. Which it did :(
    Also, I'm not sure if the cable takes longer to recover than it seems, but I got the feeling that the more you use it, the shorter the duration that you can use it gets. Sometimes it seemed to break less than a second after using it even though it started out white.

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      Thanks for checking it out.

      If you're talking about the walls you can destroy, they don't block bullets at all regardless of the hitbox.

      As for the cable, the duration doesn't get shorter but there are some non-obvious mechanics that could explain your issue: The cable rapidly repairs when you're on the ground but it's not instant. If you jump very soon after landing it will still retain some of the damage. Also, its degradation is proportional to your vertical speed - if you activate it while falling (as opposed to when jumping or on the ground) it will take a larger amount of damage.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar 31
    2 years ago

    I don't want to say how much time it took me to finish the last level.

    Really good game though, there's a lot of stuff going on here, and most of it is great, I loved the idea of the cable, there's a ton of things you can do with it, and while the level design wasn't perfect you managed to pull (pun intended) some of it off.

    The art is good, music too, nothing exceptional, but still.

    Holding the fire button with no consequences is a design trap most people fall into, if there's no bad side to it, why would the player ever let it go (Maybe it could overheat, kinda like the cable).

    But the game was fun, and interesting, and fun, and it had a nice take on the theme, and did I already say it was fun? 10/10 on gameplay.

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you thought it was fun.

      Yeah, I didn't really put much thought into limiting the shooting. Early on you had to press the button for each shot rather than just holding it, but I'm not a fan of needing to spam the fire button so I changed that.

  • King of Bananas
    King of Bananas King of Bananas 2
    2 years ago

    Yeah I like rush you get after getting the flower! Very creative, fun to shoot stuff, and so satisfying when you make it to the top. My only complaint is that it gets too hard too quickly. Like even level one is just barely beatable - would have been nice if the void had been slower in the first couple levels and then picked up.

    Update: I didn't realize there was a jump until I read your comment. Playing again and yeah much easier hahah!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

      I know I'm biased, but it shouldn't be that hard to escape on the first level. Are you jumping before pulling yourself up? The escape is super tight is you only pull yourself up, but fairly lenient if you make sure to jump before each time you pull upwards.

  • Ajmal Rizni
    Ajmal Rizni Ajmal Rizni 8
    2 years ago

    I love the mechanics and it's a great fit for the theme. But the art is a little bland and the game feels a little unresponsive, like it's missing a little juice. But overall it's a great entry, good job!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      Thanks for the feedback. What do you think could be added in terms of juice?

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend 15
    2 years ago

    Hello! This is super good! Greats sounds and graphics, and it fits really good with the theme! The decent was challenging and almost puzzle like, because I tried to carve the best way in preparation for my ascent. I had a blast!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      I'm pleased that you enjoyed it.

  • yokcos
    yokcos yokcos 7
    2 years ago

    So this gets pretty hard very fast. I tried the level which introduces turrets maybe about thirty or forty times before quitting. It's too long is the problem for me. Descending into the void for a minute or two then dying to an errant shot followed by another minute or two of descending through parts of the level that I've mastered already so I can get to the hard part. Checkpoints would help. Superb game though I'm just talking about that because I just quit playing it just now and I'm still frustrated

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      I'm sorry to hear that and I can definitely understand your frustration. I was a bit worried that some of the levels might be too long, though I obviously didn't think about that enough (since I was so used to the length). I hope you enjoyed the rest of the game, though.

      By the way: The turret level is the final level, so it doesn't get any harder than that.

  • GameSubrub
    GameSubrub GameSubrub 2
    2 years ago

    I don't think I have had a adrenline rush like I get when after taking the flower then I have had in a while. Love this game!

    • Veralos Veralos
      Veralos 26 Developer

      Thanks! I'm glad I managed to make the escape sequence seem hectic enough.


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