Rent Runner

Rent Runner

  • Tongue Seers (Lone Jensen & Simon Milfred)
  • 2 years ago
  • 9th


Oh no! Rent is due (again), and you would rather not pay. Big deal, you just make sure to sneak your way in and out of your apartment - but not this time: This time the landlord hears you, and the only thing you can do is try to escape from him! Go on, see how far you can get whilst avoiding the trash-bags, buckets and piss-pools inconveniently placed on the stairs...


We spend our first hours trying to find all the different opportunities in "descend". First thoughts were descending from a mountain or sky diving, but we thought these to be too obvious for us. We also thought about descending into madness but we thought this would end up in scoping too big. After some dictionary look-ups we came up with the concept of descending down some stairs. We took inspiration from Indiana Jones (but also from other games with a similar feature) with the boulder-just-behind-you (the landlord), and the rest came naturally as we developed the character and "story".


You control the game with the A-, S-, D- and F-key. Each letter corresponds to a foot-placement on the stairs, and when any of keys are pressed you take a step! For every step you take it alternates which leg is taking the step.

You lose if:

  • You step on an obstacle.
  • Your legs crosses.
  • Your legs spread too far.
  • The landlord catches you.

We recommend that you are at least 13 if you play this game. The game does contain mild use of blood, violence and foul wording.

Have fun playing! And feel free to tell us what you scored as part of your feedback ;)

Edit: Alt + Enter for fullscreen, not Ctrl + Enter as wrongfully written in the game.


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