Drone Delver

Drone Delver

  • Joe Miller
  • 2 years ago
  • 28th


This is more of a puzzle/strategy game than a traditional match-3. The numbers and positioning are important so plan your moves accordingly. Click on any two drones to have them swap places. Matching 3 drones of the same height (number) causes them to signal the adjacent drones to go up or down depth. Red/positive adds and blue/negative subtracts their value from the surrounding drones. Drones that go above ground (negative depth) go unresponsive and can no longer be interacted with. Above 10, multiples of 7 (14,21,28) clear rows, and multiples of 9 (18,27) clear columns. The row and column clears will destroy unresponsive drones to allow for new drones to be deployed. Reach 25 feet (or lower) with a drone to win! Be careful not to land on 21, 27, or 28 or they will cause an explosion (multiples of 7 or 9). Thanks for checking it out, I hope you enjoy and please rate when you get a chance! Imgur

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