• Kyoto Video Game Concern
  • 4 years ago
  • 4th

Your Mission:

Kyoto's Emergency Volcano Team must descend to the fiery heart of Mt. Aso and use their prototype ship to detonate a bomb and collapse the mountain. Cut a swath through the treacherous mountain. Save Japan. Save yourself!

Hall of Fame:

Beaten the game on hard mode? Add me on Steam and tell me so I can mark your name on the hall of fame below!

Android Version:

  • Download the APK Here

Helpful Tips:

SPACEBAR - Skip tutorial

ESC - Return to main menu

DEL - Suicide

Programming/Design - Lelouche


Art/Design - six-demon bag


BGM/SFX - Silvertrash


Voices/Translation - Seint.


During the jam KVGC:

  • Drank 16 cups of coffee

  • Guzzled 14 beers

  • Smoked over 30 cigarettes

  • Slept 48 hours

  • Showered 6 times

  • Took 6 solid breaks

  • Wrote over 3200 lines of code

  • Created over 80 unique art assets

  • Wrote 5 songs

  • Argued 0 times

  • Had 1 hell of a great time

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  • socio
    • Level 1

    4yrs ago

    addictive game, couldn't stop playing until I beat hard.

  • Alex Zarlenga

    Lots of replay value especially for a Jam game! Awesome job can't wait to see & play more keep up the good work! Is it possible to get notified when new versions come out etc? Thanks again

  • Vojaz
    • Level 7

    4yrs ago

    Good game overal, not much to add to. Had a bit of an issue with low fps at some point. Maybe make lag in the game effect the gameplay less? Be aware of too much screenshake.

  • Problematicar

    Usually in a game jam a good entry is either really polished but lacks content, or it has a fully developed idea but with poor execution.

    Your game tho, it looks more like a finished project than a jam game, and that's incredible, good art, good sounds, fun and balanced gameplay, and three different difficulties, bravo to the whole team, there's a ton of good stuff here.

    The only thing I'd complain about is the level generation, it's not bad or anything, but sometimes you can get pretty stuck when the level decides it's gonna spawn a ton of red walls, not completely stuck, but enough to make you lose a ton of time.

    In the end though it's a really polished game, almost finished I'd say, and the only problems it has are so small that the player's experience isn't affected by them at all.

    Oh, and I also managed to finish hard mode, that was actually really hard, I won with 0 hull integrity left.

    Path Y

    Path Y

  • Veralos
    • Level 38

    4yrs ago

    The idea for this game is really interesting, and it seems to have been fully realised here too. It's fun blasting away the rocks and the time pressure really adds some tension to it. The presentation is overall really well done and the game feels super polished.

  • Gbushprogs

    The concept was very different, the game challenging and difficult, and the art is good.

    The color palette could have used a little more color. It gave me a little eyestrain being all shades of red, as it were. I thought this was worth addressing being I only played long enough to play 1 game on easy, 3 to 4 rounds on normal, and once on Hard.

    Ran into a glitch at one part where I was sprung into a unbreakable mass and got stuck inside it partially. I was only able to release myself by shooting a missile into the boulder I was stuck in.

    Fire RUN

    Fire RUN

  • Nicko
    • Level 5

    4yrs ago

    Interesting idea a very good execution.

    Sound wasn't at the same level as the rest of the game, but it wasn't too distracting.

    I really love this game. I can't believe how much polish you accomplished in such a short time.



  • King of Bananas

    Looks great and interesting idea. Also love the announcer voice! One frustrating thing I couldn't figure out was sometimes when I'd shoot something it'd send my flying back and other times not, so I would fly back and take hull damage for seemingly no reason. But other than that enjoyed it a lot!

    • flyrswep
      • Level 5
      • Coder

      4yrs ago

      Hey, thanks for your feedback and rating!

      The knockback is probably due to you being too close to your own missiles when they hit terrain. The explosive rocks also cause knockback and a great amount of hull damage if you're within proximity of its blast radius.

      Apart from that, I'm glad you had fun with it. Thanks for playing :)

  • Vinnie_V

    I loved the aesthetics of this game. The voices, having to enter the nuke code at the bottom, etc. I would love to see a version that takes it further, with even more wacky Japanese aesthetic.

    The mechanics are simple and the game length fits them perfectly. It even finishes off with a nice twist at the very end, having to climb back up. I think you could even take it one step further and disable rockets on the way back up if you wanted to.

    • six-demon bag
      • Level 5
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thank you for playing! You have a good idea there: we actually had planned to disable rockets during the climb on hard difficulty. I didn't want to include it without explaining it or absent a maximum ammo count--both of which we decided against due to time constraints. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • cookedchickennuggeys

    Had a sicko time, did some blow ups, dug sum funky tunes, had a good save of japan, What a lovley voice japan lady has. Much recommended.

    • Seint
      • Level 5
      • Manager

      4yrs ago

      Thank you for playing! Glad you had a good time saving Japan. :)

      And thank you for the compliment~!!

  • Dylan Smith

    Always a fan of your guys' games, and this is no exception. Immersion was pretty good throughout, though by far my favourite moment was when the whole game gets flipped on you at the bottom. Rocket knockback was a little strong for the rest of the gameplay, especially considering I just played through it on easy.

    The tension and release was fantastic though and I look forward to your next submission



  • yokcos
    • Level 7

    4yrs ago

    Thematically really cool. The art and sound are top notch (except the sound of shooting your rockets) It's really fun, not much else to say on the matter.

  • Bruce Durning

    Decent game, but it has a few glaring issues I have to address. Firstly, the tutorial covers the entire screen, and makes it impossible to descend while it's there. Secondly, there are FAR too many particles, and the vessel gets lost behind them. Thirdly, the hazardous rock bounces you way too far. If you hit even one rock, chances are you'll lose most of your hull integrity from bouncing around. The changes I would have made would be to place the player in front of the particles, to reduce the knockback of rocks, and to place the tutorial on the top of the screen only, where it won't obstruct gameplay. The soundtrack is pretty good, though.

    EDIT: I just figured out it was the missiles knocking me back. Missile knockback needs to be reduced.

    • six-demon bag
      • Level 5
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for playing. The physics tend to go a bit wild in the jam release. It's one of those things that gets noticed in QA but dips in priority due to time constraints. If we take this to the next release stage we'd love to have your feedback on a new version!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    4yrs ago

    Pretty good all around. It would be nice to have a quick restart button to use when you get juggled on the walls and no longer have a chance to win. Also the tutorial comes and goes as it pleases. It is annoying because it covers the screen but also helpful because it gives you about 10 extra seconds which can be what you need to win on hard mode.
    It can be a little difficult to tell what you are being hit by (or that you are being hit at all) because of all the screenshake and particles.

  • WangleLine 🌸

    Cool game. The only thing i didn't quite like is the lack of a real challenge and that when the screen shakes at the end, you can see a bit of "light" leaking in the corners :)

    • six-demon bag
      • Level 5
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thank you. We haven't had many people who found little challenge on Hard mode which must put you in the top few percent. Congratulations!