Pirate Pit

Pirate Pit

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  • 2 years ago
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Play as the fearless pirate Captain Ramiel on the search for riches down the pit of treasure! Collect as many coins as you can, and rack up your score! Watch out for the bombs below!

It's a picture of Captian Ramiel looking at a map confusedly.


  • USE THE ARROW KEYS to guide Captain Ramiel through perilous bomb traps, and gather loot!
  • KNOCK OUT THE SKELEBATS by falling into them to clear pathways and collect coins!
  • RUN INTO TREASURE CHESTS to open them and get sweet loot, health, or a magical Coin Fever Dubloon!

A Skullbat, with a speech bubble.


  • "Have you tried Pirate Pit, by the way? That #%$@'s not that great but it gets me all giddy."
  • "The early build of it lasted for 12 hours non-stop and that's good enough for me."


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