• Breaking Point
  • 2 years ago
  • 53rd


W, A, S, D to move

Q to swap spell (melee and range)

Mouse to aim

Left Mouse Button to shoot

SHIFT to descend into the next level of madness

ESC to exit

F5 to reset

After gathering enough madness orbs from slain creatures you can descend further down into the madness. As you start to descend the world around you changes and when you finally reach your deepest point, the true horror emerges for you to slain.


  • It seems that during the last minute rush I've removed quite an important line of code and now the game crashes when you die. Sorry.
  • the helping text centering seems to be broken
  • water and out of bounds collision haven't made it into the game yet.
  • sound and music still sadly sits in the resource folder.
  • menu, win, fail screens are non-existent too.

DEVELOPED by team "Breaking Point". A team of 2 members: Nicko and Alex. On this project we did the design together. I did the programming while Alex did the pixel art and sound (although sound didn't make it into the game).

PS: As you can imagine, this jam has been eye opening, but mostly fun. Let's hope that next time we will at least finish the basics in each department before the deadline and leave a few hours for polishing too.


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