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  • Breaking Point
  • 2 years ago
  • 53rd


W, A, S, D to move

Q to swap spell (melee and range)

Mouse to aim

Left Mouse Button to shoot

SHIFT to descend into the next level of madness

ESC to exit

F5 to reset

After gathering enough madness orbs from slain creatures you can descend further down into the madness. As you start to descend the world around you changes and when you finally reach your deepest point, the true horror emerges for you to slain.


  • It seems that during the last minute rush I've removed quite an important line of code and now the game crashes when you die. Sorry.
  • the helping text centering seems to be broken
  • water and out of bounds collision haven't made it into the game yet.
  • sound and music still sadly sits in the resource folder.
  • menu, win, fail screens are non-existent too.

DEVELOPED by team "Breaking Point". A team of 2 members: Nicko and Alex. On this project we did the design together. I did the programming while Alex did the pixel art and sound (although sound didn't make it into the game).

PS: As you can imagine, this jam has been eye opening, but mostly fun. Let's hope that next time we will at least finish the basics in each department before the deadline and leave a few hours for polishing too.


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  • devlkore
    devlkore devlkore 7
    2 years ago

    Cool graphics, but there is a bug when the player dies.

    • Nicko Nicko
      Nicko 5 Developer

      Thank you. I am glad you like the graphics. Let's hope next time our game will be more complete and less a buggy mess :D

  • Matt Lacker
    Matt Lacker Matt Lacker 4
    2 years ago

    Unfortunately i found the game a little too hard to to get to progress much or see much of the content.

    I was also unclear on what the purple orb things that appeared after killing enemies do.

    • Nicko Nicko
      Nicko 5 Developer

      Thank you for playing our game and offering this feedback.

      Enemies have been rushed into the game and there was no time left for balance and bug testing. At least we learned quite a few important lessons in this jam and we hope to avoid most of the problems in the future.

      The orbs are pieces of madness that you have to gather to be able to shift into the next level of madness to progress in the game.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos 26
    2 years ago

    The art looks really good and it seems like fighting enemies could be fun. Unfortunately, you die really quickly and I can't manage to make any progress (especially with the error message appearing every time).

    • Nicko Nicko
      Nicko 5 Developer

      Thank you for playing the game and giving your feedback.

      Unfortunately I introduced a bug in the last minute of the jam and now it crashes every time the player dies. Lessons has been learned and I hope I will avoid such situations in the future.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar 31
    2 years ago

    There's definitely an idea and a lot of ambition here, even though it's obvious how many things you had to cut away from the release, so I won't talk about those.

    Enemies shouldn't have a set position and have a finite number in my opinion, this game would probably be a lot better with waves of spawning enemies, since with your current method you can't even get to the last level of madness (You can only get to the second one)

    The melee attack is pretty useless when all your enemies attack from a distance, and the enemies themselves are too simple to offer any threat to the player, simply running in circles from a distance will make them harmless.

    Oh and the player (And enemies) can walk on water, since the only collisions in the game are fences and bushes.

    But I can see that most of those problems were because of the time limit, I hope you'll finish this game and fix all this stuff by taking your time, then it will probably be good enough for the podium of the jam :)

    • Nicko Nicko
      Nicko 5 Developer

      Thank you very much for you feedback

      Enemies should have spawned in waves in a preset number, but due to lack of time, I didn't manage to add that system. Their AI is also rudimentary at best. The thing is, enemies have been added into the game with barely any time left and almost no testing whatsoever. I just wanted to have something in the final "game" to shoot at so you can at least have some gameplay.

      All in all, what we've learned from this jam is that we need to pay more attention to time management and set clear priorities and milestones.

      We almost didn't submit the game, but thought that maybe we should do it anyway, even if the game was in a very awful state, even if only to get all this valuable feedback and to have a complete game jam experience.

      I thank you all again for trying out the game and offering your feedback.

  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 36
    2 years ago

    The game starts too hard (esp. as I need to do a quick alt-shift to get in qwerty). I think it was too ambitious ? There's really good foundations here, but it needed a lot more work.

    I only managed to get one level of madness (and died right after) in a good dozen tries, but I think enemies would need to be in a certain range before advancing toward the player. Also, I'm confused about the melee attack. It blocks the lizard's shots but not the snake's ?

    • Nicko Nicko
      Nicko 5 Developer

      Thank you both for trying out the game and mostly for trying to stay alive long enough to explore.

      Your feedback surely put some motivation back and I will probably work on the game in my free time and try to host it somewhere so you can try out a more fleshed out gameplay.

      The enemies have been rushed in the game in last minutes of the jam and that's why they are so basic. There should have been a spawning system, but as that didn't quite work yet, I quickly dropped some enemies in the room to at least have something to shoot at.

      We worked on the game for about only 20 hours because almost the entire Sunday was reserved for family Easter party. This has been our first game jam and we learned a lot from it. We hope that next time we will do a better job.

  • Orb Warning
    Orb Warning Orb Warning 7
    2 years ago

    I really love the art if you were the one who created it! The lizard monsters are legitimately creepy and I always like controlling a hero who looks more ominous than endearing.

    Unfortunately, I the gameplay was pretty broken (you've noted the bugs) and I was just too inundated with enemies right off the bat to really be able to explore the game at all. I gave it about a dozen honest tries, ran frantically to see how much I could find, and called it quits. I was looking forward to descending to the next level of madness ... will have to get it on the next revision. Good start, I'd love to see this art in a more fleshed out game sometime soon!.

    • Nicko Nicko
      Nicko 5 Developer

      Thank you for trying out the game.

      I also thank you for your feedback. This motivates me to try to work on the game in my free time in the next weeks and will probably host it somewhere so you can try it out.


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