God of Thieves

God of Thieves

  • Thomas Sjerps
  • 2 years ago
  • 29th


God of Thieves

Your player was born and raised in the Roman empire and lives in a small village.
After committing a crime he is banned, and will have to leave the city by midnight.
Seeking revenge, he destroys the entire city and sacrifices it's remains to Hermes, the ancient god of thieves.
This task is up to you. Destroy as much of the town as possible in the 1 and a half minute period!


Walk with WASD or the arrow keys.
Pick up and throw objects using the mouse.
Throw items to the altar in front of the temple to sacrifice them.
Chop down trees and houses for an extra monetary bonus.
This game features a highscore and achievement mechanic.


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