Henchmen Hustle: Stay Dry or Die

Henchmen Hustle: Stay Dry or Die

  • Cirrus Studios
  • 2 years ago
  • 16th


[WARNING: mild violence]

It's a rainy day, and your boss hates it when he gets wet. As his henchmen, you must make sure he stays dry at all times! Sacrifice yourself and your dryness to lay on puddles, block splashes from cars, and open the umbrella for your boss! (....otherwise you might die...literally . _ . boss gets a little crazy when he's angry...)


Click on puddles and then the henchman (or vice versa) to have them protect the boss. To open the umbrella, click on the boss and then a henchman to have them come forward. Be sure to block the puddles on the road too...you can't risk having your boss get wet now, can you?

Escape: Exit F: Full Screen

Code: Olivier P. (@ThaFoodFish) Art + Audio: Bernice W. (@cirrus_studios)


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