• TheCalster
  • 2 years ago
  • 17th


Earth is approaching its final days. Water is scarce, and the tribal remains of humanity have only one hope: to use ancient technology left behind thousands of years ago, and travel to the rumored Temple of Rain. A sacrifice is to be made, which one is up to you.

Travel across the desert, and chose to keep your fellow tribesmen alive, or let them die of dehydration. Carefully manage the water on board, as well as the power, and get to the Temple. Watch out for harmful beams of sunlight, as they will make the tribesmen dehydrate faster! The beams can be blocked by heat shields, at the cost of power however. 3 Possible endings (Visual differences only).

A/D Move left right. E to activate. F to kill. 1,2,3 to activate/deactivate heat shields.

Did not have a lot of time to balance the game, but hopefully it's enjoyable!

Screenshots :

alt text alt text alt text alt text


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