One Shot - Green Lights

One Shot - Green Lights

  • serialkamikaze
  • 2 years ago
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You have been transformed to a weird alien. Luckily you have your ball with you. Try to escape the room with it!

How to play

Throw your precious ball towards poles to change their color from orange to green. When all poles are turned to green and you have your ball with you, the exit door will open. Remember to pick the ball after each throw!

You also see the lights over the door:

  • First - you completed the puzzle
  • Second - you have the ball

You have three throws for each room. On the lower part of the screen, you see how many tries you have left.

If you have no throws left and you have not pressed all the poles, you need to retry the level.



  • Use left and right to move character horizontally.
  • Up and down keys will use your ability to fly


  • By pressing the left mouse button down, you will see aim-line from a player towards the mouse.
  • While you are holding the button, you will notice that the line will change color. This will tell how much force you are using for the throw. There are three different levels of force.


Main menu Level 1 Level 2 Level 2 Level 3


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