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Stealthily work your way around the guards. Use your distractions to try to clump them together so you can crush them with your teleporter. Then fight off the remaining guards as your teleporter warms up. (Sorry for bad art/almost no sound, ran out of time bug fixing the AI path finding code).



2) Space Attack aka yellow square(Can Only be Used after throwing teleporter aka the blue square)

3) Left Click Throw Teleporter (aka blue square) (Note: enemies within a certain radius will try to attack it. If one of them touches it, you will lose. So, you need to fight off enemies for 10 seconds with space. A sound will be made when 10 seconds has passed. All you need to do then is to touch it to win)

4) Right Click Throw Distraction (Note: Enemies will stop chasing you to touch it, but they will still prioritize attacking the teleporter aka blue square first)


The game begins with stealth. Ideally you should group enemies together with distractions, aka green squares, so that you can crush as many of them as possible when you throw your teleporter, aka blue square. After throwing the blue square most likely a handful of enemies will attack. Space will attack, aka yellow square, them and you are invincible when attacking.


Basically throwing your teleporter is your one use item. It also changes the gameplay. Hopefully you can manipulate the stealth at the start and put yourself in a safe area for the end with this one time use item.

Message me with any questions or concerns please.


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