The Cult of the Beanie

The Cult of the Beanie

  • Fajpaj
  • 2 years ago
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INTRO: You are Dr. Red, the red beanie toting member of "The Cult of the Beanie". You receive the mission to take down the oppressive "Top Hats", who rule the small city of New Thomer. However, due to their superior arsenal, the only way to wipe them out is to sneak past their robots and turrets and take out the gang bosses one by one. However, due to ammo shortages, you only have one bullet!

GAMEPLAY: The Cult of the Beanie is a 2-D stealth platformer. Your goal is to hit the boss of each level with your single bullet. If you are detected by the robots or the turrets or you miss your one shot, you must start over! WARNING: This game is hard!


Move - A/D

Jump - W

Wall Jump - W (Next to Wall)

Aim - Hold Left Mouse Button

Shoot - Release Left Mouse Button

VIDEO: If you get stuck or can't figure out how to beat a level, check out this video on how to get through each level!


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