unum iaculat

unum iaculat

  • wenbeks
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified


the only goal is to kill everything but yourself

there are two steps involved:

  • move into position (movement is limited and some levels don't have it at all)
  • shoot at your target(s)

game controls:

  • A/D to move/aim
  • W to jump/wall jump
  • SPACE to shoot

other controls:

  • W/S to move up/down menus
  • SPACE/ENTER to select menu items
  • ESC to return to title screen/quit game
  • F to toggle fullscreen

unum iaculat was made in ~8 hours by wenbeks

  • because of the time i had this weekend (or the lack of it), i could only make 9 levels

  • to compensate for the lack of levels however, i made each one (except for the first) quite difficult, so if you manage to beat all 9, a special ending appears! :)

  • if there are any bugs, please tell me in feedback or tweet me @benweeks13

most of all, thanks for playing!

things i wanted to add/might in the future:

  • more levels (duh)

  • a level editor

  • gravity in different directions

  • death count (easy to implement, just forgot to for jam build)

  • a nice soundtrack/better sound in general (right now it kinda sucks sorry + i forgot to add a mute feature, so just turn the volume all the way down if you don't want sound effects)

  • possibly better graphics (i'm no artist, so idk on this one)

  • better UI

  • if you'd like to see anything else added that's not in this list, feel free to tell me in feedback or tweet me @benweeks13

  • nital ni tohs eno si talucai munu


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