Join Sam and Daisy on their playful adventure in a strange and whimsical world. Catch monsters in your magical net and use their abilities as you move through the levels to find and catch your friend. Be careful when you drop off monsters - you might need them more than once!

You can choose to play as either Sam or Daisy - or you can change between the two throughout the game by returning to the main menu!


Left arrow = Move left
Right arrow = Move right
Z = Jump
X = Attack/action
C = Catch


R = Reset level
P = Pause game
M = Toggle music & SFX
(a few more shortcuts are described in the game)



Game design by Lone & Simon
Programming by Simon
Graphics by Lone
Audio editing by Lone
Music by Kevin Mcleod
SFX by various creators (individual credits in game zip)
Note: We are aware that we are disqualified because of the audio. We would still appreciate feedback and ratings though :)

Magical regards,
Tongue Seers

Tongue Seers
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  • Nik Sudan

    This was an adorable little game, excellent work! I loved playing through this little land, and would love to see more levels!

    • Lone
      • Level 9
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for playing and thanks for the nice feedback. We plan on doing some more levels and some further development on some of the features, and then we'll put it up on :)

  • baku

    This game desperately needs ghostjumps (which is where you can still jump within a short amount of time after running off a ledge). I ragequit the game after failing something like 30 attempts at the far jump in the first area with monsters :(

    Art wasn't too bad though. Probably didn't get far enough to see how you used the theme. Shame about the audio.

    • Simon Milfred
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Baku, sorry to hear that you ragequit so early in the game :/ But yes, you are right, some coyote'ing/ghostjumping is always a nice insurance :)

  • Kwis
    • Level 67

    4yrs ago

    Nice little game!

    I wanted to first adress the controls, but Fachewachewa did it already. I find it annoying to change keyboard layout

    It's a bit slow at time (especially when you get tricked by the environment thinking you're doing okay and then need to restart).

    However it's a good take on the theme and its mechanics are used in a good way :) I really love the ending screen though (although you can't do much with it)

    A shame it breaks the rules using pre-made music... :( EDIT: about the rules, yeah, unfortunately it seems like many people don't actually read them (or not entirely), you're supposed to use assets that were done in the 48 hours (aside a few exceptions, but it doesn't concern music) If you do know when an existing asset is used in a game (and have proof or enough suspicion to "investigate"), you can also inform tehwave. The competition has to be fair, so you shouldn't be the only ones punished if others have used existing assets too

    • Lone
      • Level 9
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback. It's nice to continue learning what works and what doesn't even after the game is done. We take it all to heart and hope to make even better games for the future jams.

      Yes. We sort of messed up on the music (and we didn't realize when uploading). When that is said, I did edit all of the SFX (some needed snipping, some needed shortening, some needed tone adjustments, and so on) and some of the music for the purpose of the game (cutting for loopability).

      We're talking to teh wave to find out if our game is disqualified or not :( I really hope not, since others have been using content that they do not own the legal rights to and which isn't creative commons.

      Thanks again for the feedback :)

  • Fachewachewa

    Lovely game! But first, small gripe about controls because that's my thing : why can't I jump with the Up arrow ? Having 3 different actions, one being jump, on nearby keys like that always confuses me (at one point I dropped an enemy instead of jumping and I was on my last life..). Plus on non-qwerty keyboard, Z isn't near X & C so you we have to change the layout.

    Anyways, as I've said, the game is very cute, and the fact that animations and everything works around the net is very cool. The small puzzles are fun, but I'm not a fan of the level design.

    Like Joseph said, the impossible jump isn't really a fair choice, even without anything attracting the player beyond that point, since you don't even know you're looking for the other kid. Generally, I feel it relies too much on restarting, especially the dead end in the water (last level). It's like you're punish the player just for looking around.

    Oh- and I think you're not supposed to use pre-existing sounds, even if they're free.

    • Simon Milfred
      • Level 17
      • Developer

      4yrs ago

      Hi, thanks for the feedback :)

      The controls are fully on me. I have played plenty of games with this setup and I find it quite comfortable. However, I can see how it may be confusing to some, and I can definitely see how it is far from great for non-qwerty keyboard users. I will remember this for the future.

      We are quite happy about your liking of the graphical side of the game as well as the net-feature. Level design could indeed had used a few extra iterations (the impossible goal was in all honesty not meant to be impossible - I just didn't test it), however in our defense the game title alone should tell the goal of the game: "Go Hide & Seek". That being said, more clues to the goal wouldn't ruin the experience either. We did talk about speech bubbles and things like that to elaborate the story, but it's a jam and we needed to prioritize. That's how it goes.

      I guess we are in a little of a pickle in terms of the audio. We will have to look into that problem

      The feedback is appreciated :)

  • Joseph
    • Level 4

    4yrs ago

    This is a cool game once you get past the first capture. I too almost ragequit with that first big jump.

    [/spoilers for that part]

    Perhaps you should have put a poop in some water, some water closer by, and/or made the jump seem impossible by making it just a bit wider so people don't quit right here thinking that they're actually expected to make the jump. I mean guess it makes sense that having poop makes you heavier... but...that's a little cruel.

    [/end spoilers]

    The art is stylish and the music is nice (I think I've heard that ending theme used elsewhere). The sound effects are not as good, and the volume balancing was off, as everything else was louder after the music at the beginning. Although I am fond of the "boing" when you jump.

    Gameplay was good after the initial poopy moment, and the presentation was really good, including the title screen and ending. There was enough content to show the theme well through multiple uses of the net.

    Well done Tongue Seers!



    • Lone
      • Level 9
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thank you for playing and thanks for the feedback. You have a lot of great feedback for us to work on if we get around to further development.

      I think we sort of made the jump like that on purpose - if there had been some sort of coins or stuff you collected throughout the game, and we'd put some over there, I agree it would have been cruel. But we simply test the players stubbornness. I tried the jump 5 or 6 times before giving up and moving on (I didn't play the game during development, so I had no clue where to go).

      I definitely agree on the SFX needing more work. Should have done something about that for sure. Normally we do them ourselves, but this time we chose to find them online :/

      I also see that I should have made the heavy stone look more like a stone than a poop - though it was actually the first thing I said after making it; “the stone looks like poop„ :P

      Again, thank you for your feedback - it's very much appreciated :)

  • adrian09_01

    This is a good game. Solid mechanics and a great use of the theme made me have fun with this lovely game.

  • Jamblefoot

    This is a really solid package that has a lot of potential for growth. It's a great use of the prompt and a really solid mechanic. Trying to make that jump almost made me quit completely, but it was a clever training exercise, and it pays off well. Also got some jaunty tunes. Looking forward to seeing more.

    • Lone
      • Level 9
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thank you for the feedback. We definitely had loads of ideas for this game and hopefully we'll find time for further development in the future :)

  • KilvenDeneras

    I fell in love as soon as the net was used in the reset animation.

    This was definitely a good use of the prompt, and I found myself only disappointed when I got to the end. Honestly because I wasn't ready for it to be over.

    The first level threw me off for a few minutes before taking the "outside the box" approach to it, and that set everything up to keep me aware for the remaining levels. I'd say that one misdirect served an extremely important purpose.

    Nice work!

    • Lone
      • Level 9
      • Designer

      4yrs ago

      Thank you very much for playing our game and saying such nice things about it. It's appreciated :)

      We wished for many more levels too. We even had an additional monster (electricity) and a gate mechanism. Time was not our friend though, so we had to prioritize.