Bingo of Bridgeville Acres

Poop. Dementia. Death. What’s not to love? Play as the assistance dog Bingo and help the residents of Bridgeville Acres.


Ye Count of Downe

Join the count on his bloodthirsty quest for, well, blood. But beware - the sun is rising and the villagers are armed!

One Tool, Many Uses

Sam & Daisy Go Hide & Seek

Join Sam and Daisy on their playful adventure. Catch monsters in your magical net and make use of their individual abilities.

One Shot

Eagle Eye Emma

Shoot your way to justice with Eagle Eye Emma in this wild, western adventure! How good is your aim?


Rent Runner

In this game you take on the role of Taylor in the pursuit of not having to pay rent. Walk down the stairs with your landlord right on your heels, dodge the obstacles, and see how far you can get!

Tongue Seers are the collaboration between the couple Lone and Simon. Simon is the one programming and Lone is in charge of graphics. Design and audio is most often a shared effort, however sometimes Lone is leading the audio efforts as well since Simon is knee-deep in code problems. We enjoy to make everything ourselves - graphics, sounds, code, etc..

This is our logo and mascot:

Tongue Seers