You're working hard in the city, but with your bare arms, you can't do a lot of stuff.

If only you had enough money to get one of those W-Hands !


WASD / ZQSD - Move

Mouse - Look around

Left click / Spacebar - Action

Escape - Menu (options & save, but the game should save when you quit)

Inspirations : Hands Commercial (Jon Lajoie), Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor (or at least what I imagine it's like)

Sounds : voices made with "", sounds made with bfxr &

/!\ bugs & stuff :

  • if you load the game outside, I think you'll need to call the elevator twice (if it refuses to go up, get out and call it again).
  • there is a bug when the day ends if you're outside, so avoid that or you'll get stuck for like 12 minutes (thanks Prob for noticing) you have at least 30 seconds to get back home after the voice tells you you should go back home.
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  • Jupiter Hadley

    Really nice game! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Kwis
    • Level 67

    4yrs ago

    Alright, feedback time!

    Unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to grind until the w-hands. Which is a shame cause it got me curious :( a jam gam can't be that durable. I already kinda covered these points in the discord, so I don't need to explain that much more here right? :3

    I do love the humourous start, like it made me giggle when I discovered how dumb it was and how you can just poke at stuff yet still do several things. Even if it's just 2 "mini games". But the grind maaaan, the grind.

    EDIT: I do regret that you didn't add music or at least some kind of ambient sound/atmosphere, I feel like it hindered the immersion; too bad cause the immersion is there (but not entirely)

    • Fachewachewa

      Yeah, the grind :(

      Since I want to make a post jam version, I already started trying some stuff for ambient sounds, maybe a radio thing.
      I definitely wanted to add more stuff sound wise but I didn't really now what and just had time to make some footsteps.

  • Charlotte Woolley

    Haha this was brilliant! I love a good simulation game and the more monotonous the better!

    I thought it was fantastic that you have to pay to get a HUD that shows you your credit amount too!

    Unfortunately I didn't manage to afford the W-Hands, but if I had a spare few hours I would spend it collecting trash for some :P

    The textospeech works fantastically for the robots as well!

  • Nik Sudan

    I NEED THOSE W-HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    How are you supposed to afford the W hands? Can you make money in any other way than collecting trash?

    Edit: Okay, this is the first real 3d game I've seen made in gamemaker. It's also focused on the feeling of desire. You just need the W-hands. The game is always reminding you how much you you need them.

    "Yes. I'm really tired of poking at stuff but I need to do that in order to get those W-hands!"

    When you finally get the W-hands, you feel super cool and deserves all the compliments from the other robots. You can pick up money and trash from the ground, open doors... Well, you can't do that much with it but it's accomplishing anyways!

    There is no animation at all but I don't know how limited or hard 3d is to use in gamemaker. I don't think the art is that good relative to the rest of the game but it's okay. The soundeffects and voices are good but you need to add some music. It would make the grinding a lot more engaging.



    • Fachewachewa

      If you go to the "Crops" and talk to the robot there, you get a mini game that gives you way more credits than the trash. But I warn you: it'll still be grindy and repetitive, as I intended to put more jobs and didn't really have time to balance the rewards.

  • Problematicar


    Good game tho.

  • Jamblefoot

    I just want my W-Hands so I can slap those jerks. They made me look like a fool out there.

    This game is really great. I mean, yeah, it's gonna get tedious and all that, but that's the life of a tool, and the little I've played has been really fun. Use of the graphics style is really inspiring, as I've been wanting to try this for a while, and it's especially cool given the time constraints.

    Is there more to see once I get my W-Hands?

    Wait. Don't tell me.

    • Fachewachewa

      Thanks :)
      The 3D stuff isn't too complicated once you figure it out, and there's a lot of good videos & stuff to help you start, so I'm not sure if it was that much of a problem with the time constraints in the end.

      Anyway I'm glad you liked it! I'll just tell you not to expect too much, but there is indeed something :D

  • Joseph
    • Level 4

    4yrs ago

    The technical feat of making a decent 3d game with gamemaker for a game jam is really impressive. The world was unique and even a bit fleshed out and I liked the commercial and voices a lot.

    I wasn't driven enough to get my w-hands, but I did try to find all the activities and do them at least once (trash and crops is all I found). As it is I can already tell it's too tedious though. A trash ball was only worth 50 credits and I think I got around 600 from protecting the crops, but the stubby arms are not very effective and it takes a really long time just to do that once. I didn't have the patience to do it another 10-25 times.

    With more time, I think you could make a really interesting experience out of this though. I was sold until I realized how long it was going to take to do anything, but the framework is definitely there.



    • Fachewachewa

      Yeah, because of the time constraints there're only two jobs, and I didn't have time to balance the rewards so not getting the hand is the expected outcome, especially for people trying to play as many game as possible.

      Anyway thanks for the feedback, I'm actually thinking about continuing making this after the jam (which never happens to me) so your comment is reassuring :)

  • Barret
    • Level 2

    4yrs ago

    oh man so thank goodness I read the feedback here. for some reason I didn't realize the crops were something I could do without w-hands so I was trying to push garbage for like an hour or so only gaining a measly 3,000 credits haha. I was like man I really need those hands this is so tedious lol. But i was driven to get my w-hands. I thought it was cool that you had the voices in the game that fit the theme and I feel accomplished getting my w-hands. The other funny part was that I was trying to cheat the system to see if the save file could be edited back when I thought garbage collecting was my only means to getting paid.

    • Fachewachewa

      Oh wow you got your hand :o congrats! (and I'm sorry :D)

      Yeah the save is a little obfuscated but not really, you could definitely do it if you tried I guess, it's just a datastructure. I kept the same system that my previous GM48 but maybe I should have made a plain text save so people who wanted to could edit it easily.

  • Veralos
    • Level 38

    4yrs ago

    Cool game. I like the use of the theme - it's interesting having the tool as the final goal rather than something you use throughout the game. The graphics and sounds are well chosen. They really help to sell the bleak robot dystopia thing you're going for.

    Unfortunately the gameplay goes from amusingly tedious to just straight tedious quite quickly. It also seems the optimal strategy is to defend the crops a few times until they run out, then go to sleep and repeat. This makes the trash and getting back before sundown mechanics seem pointless.

    • Fachewachewa

      Thanks :)

      Yeah, "amusingly tedious" was definitely what I was aiming for, I had obviously other ideas of activities, but it was a little too ambitious for 48 hours I guess :D Didn't even have the time to really test & balance the money (and I spent way too much time on the elevator ahah).

      I just tried my best at the end near the deadline to make the endgame, just in case someone was crazy enough to get to it.