The Light (The Ascension II)

The Light (The Ascension II)

  • Kwisarts & Gartman
  • 3 years ago
  • 8th

The Light is the story of an angel who returns to a cave where his heart got filled by darkness, hoping he will be able to heal it.

This game is a sequel to The Ascension. (You don't need to play it to get the story)



  • A & D - move
  • W - jump
  • K - use your heart
  • J - explode your heart (once charged)
  • Alt + enter - fullscreen
  • Alt + P - switch between wasd and qzsd controls
  • Escape - You can't escape this time



important note If you don't skip the intro text, the screen may glitch:


The game should look like this             Not like this

  • Solution 1 - press K anytime to fix it
  • Solution 2 - Skip the intro holding S for 3 seconds (you can safely skip when the screen shows "but I need to try")



Your goal is to progress through the (few) levels. Several game design notes, however:

  • In the last room, where you fight enemies, the door (on the bottom of the pit) only opens once all enemies appeared.


Personal Note (regarding the lore)

Unfortunately, I lacked time and even had to improvise the last room. That's why the game is so short. Note that the Jam version is not canon ! As some of the lore contained in the game is quickly summarized in order to give a somewhat finished game. I might do a post-jam version




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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Neat concept! I included it in my GM48: One Tool, Many Uses compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 35

    Nice game, though a bit unfinished feeling. The visuals are great (obviously), the music is great and the sound effects are solid. It's a shame the ending is so abrupt, though I'm sure you had more planned. The theme is a little weak, but it's still clearly there.

    I have to say that I enjoyed the gameplay here a lot more than the original Ascension. It's still sort of about finding hidden paths but breaking blocks to do so means you can see where you've been (plus breaking stuff is fun). The explosion mechanic is also a cool addition.

    The most notable issue is that the opening text bit is too long, especially when a lot of it is just a recap of the first game. You can skip it, but I wanted to read it. The problem isn't necessarily the amount of text (though that could be reduced) but the fact that it fades in/out so slowly, plus you have to wait a second to move on. Along with fixing that you could try adding some images to make it more interesting and to do some of the exposition for you.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      The ending was improvised last minutes ( = last hours) cause I was so late and wanted to have a "finished" game, so I made a quick "boss room". The enemies were intended to be introduced one by one and the last room is confusing and a mess lol. Yeah, theme was kind of weak, the issue being me insisting on making it a sequel to TA. To be fair, the heart was supposed to have a bit more use, but yeah, ran out of time.

      Yeah, I wanted to "top" the first ascension with the heart mechanic buuuut it's what took me the most time and I kept reworking it and reworking it..

      And yeaaaah the intro is an issue I realized at my first real playthrough (after the jam was over...) As Shaun Spalding said, it would have been way better if the player had some control over it to adjust the pace to his liking. My mistake was using lerp instead of an approach script.

      Actually intended to add images, but again, ran out of time. The intro is not supposed to be what it is, but I should have made it simpler (adjustable pace)

  • adrian09_01
    adrian09_01 adrian09_01 Level 4

    This is very impressive for 48h. good sound, art, but theme usage was a bit lacking.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I initially planned the heart to have more usage, notable the explosion

  • reBTF
    reBTF reBTF Level 3

    Very impressive sound, visuals and aesthetic and I can see the direction you were headed in regards to the one tool many uses theme but otherwise it just felt a bit lacking.

    I think I would have gotten more out of it if the control of the heart was a bit less abstract, like i understand that was related to the story but it just felt a bit frustrating.

    The levels were a bit unfocused and abrupt but that's not a big deal because of such a short time frame.

    Still, there's a lot to love about this game. Great job!

    Edit: To clarify on the abstract control of the heart I mean you don't have direct control of it, you can lead it in front of or above you but it still felt mostly out of my control. If that was a design decision then I respect it wholeheartedly but it can be a little frustrating.

    Also the levels being unfocused and abrupt, I just mean that I was never sure which direction to go and sometimes would just snap to the next level without knowing what triggered it.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Thank you for your feedback!

      I would have liked to know more about what you meant by "abstract" and how you think I could improve that? (is it the controls on themselves? the lack of info regarding the controls? something else?)

      Also not sure what you mean by "unfocused an abrupt"?

      I might possibly work on a post jam version, so it'd be helpful to have feedback on these =]

  • baku
    baku baku Level 52 Patron

    Art and music were both very lovely, grats to both of you for that. I wish the intro story would've went a little faster. Gameplay was satisfying and controls were fine, although I did have to basically roll my face on my keyboard to figure out what keys did what (didn't read the description lol)

    Shame the end was so abrupt!! I would definitely love to play a post-jam version.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Actually I've set up some "helpers" that tell you the controls or give you strong hints. But they're harder to trigger than I wanted to! I know how to change their conditions to make them better, but because of the deadline, playtesting wasn't much of a luxury I could afford. :( Helpers tell you to hold K, to "press down" (this one is subtle) and you're told you can explode your heart with J. I kind of expect the player to "figure out" how to play with the ball once their first spawned it. (like, letting it go once charged, etc). I think I'd need to have people to play the game to better get how to give that information to players. And yeeeeeah the intro is soooo long... Not to mention watching it entirely triggers a glitch (that may or may not affect your game depending on the alpha of the skip button)

      The post jam version will have a better intro though :)

      And yeah, sorry, deadline, the last room was improvised last hours =<

  • dev_dwarf
    dev_dwarf dev_dwarf Level 7

    Graphics and Gameplay are awesome, sound is great and its a satisyfing game to play in theory. But the levels themselves seemed a bit rushed, and there was no clear progression or ending... it just kinda, stopped.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Yep, lacked time! Thanks for the feedback :)

  • Joseph
    Joseph Joseph Level 4

    I played it twice because the last screen confused me. The first time I didn't do much but then it ended, so I wondered if I somehow triggered the ending the wrong way. Based on the second time, I guess it was just on a timer, but felt like a very strange ending. The progression in general feels very weird throughout.

    Once past the intro (which was way too long and slow...) though, the presentation was top notch, breaking the bricks is ultra satisfying and looks really nice, and the graphics in general are awesome. The basic control is smooth, fast-paced, and works well. Though perhaps a slower-pace movement would fit this dark story-based approach better. This one was pretty good, with the potential to be excellent. Well done!

    Note: the part where the game teaches you to explode your heart, you don't actually have to explode your heart. Just hold direction down and it'll instantly take you to the next room.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Yeah, would make the intro a bit shorter (intended for slide show but lack of time.. bummer) Also yes, I kept telling myself to make the player slooowwwweeer but I don't know why, I kept forgetting it. It would help a lot as the character moves way too fast.

      The last screen has weird trigger conditions... ^^' you actually need to trigger all spawners in the room for the room to be active (and nothing tells you that necessary info)

      About the heart explosion, that helper text was intended for a later part where exploding your heart would be handy, but due to my lack of time, I preferred letting that text somewhere with no text to inform the player he can explode his heart (cause it gotta be the coolest effect in the game and it would be a shame not to use it)

  • Fachewachewa

    Nice mechanic, but I was hoping there were more to it :(

    Art & sound are very good, as always.

    I've noticed two little problems : first, enemies hitboxes stay too long while they're being destroyed, so you can get it even if they're not here anymore. And huh.. the "doors" are a little weird, the first one I try to explode it then got teleported to the next room, so I wasn't sure of what happened, then on the last level it took a while to get the end, still not sure if I did something or if there was a timer.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Sadly, the deadline was soon and I even had to "improvise" the last room. :( I really hope I will still be motivated because I seriously want to make a post jam version!

      Regarding the issues: Oh, the hitbox, yes! I should have thought about it. I guess I would have found out through more playtesting (which I lacked near the end) And yeah, I intend to make clearer doors for the post-jam version.

      How they currently work is BAD, like, they have a timer to avoid teleporting you at the second you touch them because i use the same exit for side room exit and middle room exit. The end one requires you to trigger all spawners, and you're not told about it sooooo... yeah, confusing. :/ Lacked too much time for the last room

  • Slyddar
    Slyddar Slyddar Level 4

    The opening text took forever to wait for, as "S" didn't allow skipping, and it seemed to hang on some text for ages. Eventually it started though, but after falling in the hole I was stuck for a few minutes as no text showed. up. Eventually it did though and I could escape using the ball with k.

    So after some teething problems, I could then start to appreciate the game. The destroy mechanic was fun, and satisfying to use. Made me feel like I was back playing Red Faction, wondering how much of the level I could destroy.

    Time was obviously a factor as it was confusing at the end what to do. What was there though was solid and a good effort.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Hello, you NEED to skip, otherwise you won't be able to see everything correctly, and it makes the text impossible to read (and you kinda need it xD) (So you both miss the story, the visuals and the clues to unlock)

      Are you holding the s key instead of just tapping it? Cause you have to hold it for about 2 seconds. (the skipping text stops blinking when you hold it - it's even the reason why it solves the issue) It's one of the simplest line of codes, it shouldn't fail (nobody had this issue so far)

      But yes, the text is a bit too slow. But yes even with text, getting the last room is a bit confusing; i unfortunately was short on time and kind of improvised that room in the last few hours

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Follow the voice               .

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Oh! (I didn't get why the huge spacing until I tried to send my "oh!")

  • Rohbert
    Rohbert Rohbert Level 14

    The visuals are fantastic. But the gameplay was a bit confusing. Not sure how to use my power nor where to go. Killing all the enemies seemed to do nothing. Still, good job though.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Thanks for the feedback! You can choose wether to kill them or not :3

  • jack
    jack jack Level 16 Patron

    Very good entry overall! My only criticisms are that there wasn't much feedback when damaging the enemies by just touching them with the orb (destroying the walls and ground with it felt great though). and I was a bit confused about how the game is supposed to end. Other than that, this is a great entry.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Yep, I added sound when they die too but... we can't hear much. It was supposed to be there I just... had other priorities before the deadline (like giving an end to the game, aha)

      Thanks for your feedback!


    Does the game end in the room where it spawns currupt angels? I digged until everything was gone and didn't find anything. Awsome game anyways. though it's not much diffrent from the first ascension. The art, writing and sound makes the atmosphere and the controls made it satisfying to play.

    EDIT: While trying to find the second ending, I got that yellow text and the game ended which didn't happen all previous times. If you do read this, can you tell me if that's supposed to be the normal ending or the second one. I want to know if should continiue searching or if I got it right.

    EDIT2: I found both endings. I even got the second one first.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      It does! I was a bit short on time~ But there is a second ending (the first ending gives a clue to it) - although the sole difference is what is written aha You think the game is that similar to its prequel? :o I tried to give something new while doing a continuation. And thank you! :) Also thanks for playing!

      PS: by the way, they're not technically "corrupt angels", they're different from the beings you find in the first Ascension; but maybe you'll find out more about it either in a sequel or the post-jam version of the game~

      EDIT: Oh, I misread, you were stuck in the "boss" room. Yeah I admit, it's kinda confusing. Yeah the normal ending is getting the text, and the text changes depending what you've done (bad ending and good ending) So to jump back on my previous statement NO, the end does not end in that room, you gotta "exit" it

  • Barret
    Barret Barret Level 2

    I liked the mood and theme and the main characters look. I liked that this game had some what of a story and had emotion tied to the game. Also I really enjoyed blasting away the bricks and exploding them.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Thank you! Yes, destroying stuff is satisfying :)

  • Royal Soup
    Royal Soup Royal Soup Level 2

    Keeps crashing for me at the second time text comes up on the screen.

    Interesting idea! Like the mood and the art.

    reply: I'm still not sure if I actually finished it. I would play through a couple screens and then there would be another text screen at which point it would freeze.

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Hello! For the "crashing", it might actually just be that you finished the game. :) I guess it's a bit too rough, but when the text gets on the screen (in orange, right), it's the ending! So when you hit any key, it closes the game.

      (I hope it's what you meant, since you can't reply to this message; at the very worst, edit your message I guess?)

      Also, thanks for the compliment!

      REPLY: hitting a key in the second part with text on the screen( = the last screen) should end the game. (The game is short) It's weird that it freezes. Could you give me a screenshot of the concerned screen by e-mail? Also tell me if you were in full screen or not and i'll try to investigate; It helps to know if you did anything particular before that screen (if the game freezes there must be something that triggered it somehow) Also i'd like to know if you skipped the intro or not (as i did not attempt to play the glitched version of the game - by not skipping)

  • GRArthas
    GRArthas GRArthas Level 3

    Hey uhm, i tried the game i enjoyed the music and the feel of it, the game was a bit hard to know where to go in the start and i thought that i did something wrong but it was a nice game with a lot of potential that i would like to see polished either way great game

    • Kwis Kwis
      Level 60

      Hey there! Thanks for the feedback :) Yeah, near the end I was in a hurry and jot being able to play it with a fresh eyes makes it hard to know what's wrong and what's not; getting the hints from the voice is not triggered easily enough (to avoid triggering too soon...) I could arrange that with some codes but... Yeah lack of time! I hope you still had fun anyway =)