Papa Mazai

Papa Mazai

  • WalkDiGidong
  • 1 year ago
  • 46th


The world suffered a huge catastrophe in which all people turned into zombies. You are a secret development of a mad scientist. He called you "Papa Mazai" in honor of the legend of the grandfather of Mazai, who saved the hares during the great flood. Your task is to save as many cats and dogs as possible, and also to kill as many zombies as possible. Shoot the zombies and collect animals. You will not be able to move or shoot for a while when you collect animals. So be careful! The more animals you collect, the stronger you become and the more energy you earn, but do not forget to make toys for animals, otherwise they get bored and they start breaking the door. If they broke the door, they will either destroy your core, or fight with each other (the core will be damaged twice as much!). To calm them, you will need to find a disc with soothing music. Find it and turn it on in your cage manager! You can destroy walls, trees and stones to receive the resources on which toys are made. Energy is necessary for your shooting. The stronger you become, the more you consume it. Energy is produced either with the help of animals that play with toys, or by pressing the core.


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