You are an ambulance driver tasked with saving your town's people. However, the roads are crowded and your patients don't have much time. You use your skill and intuition to navigate the roads at high speeds, but sometimes, you end up in a crash. Should you risk another driver's life to save the life of your patient?

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  • Fachewachewa

    Nice game, very fun interpretation of the theme :)
    The levels are too similar though.
    Also, I found a debug function while switching my keyboard to QWERTY : shift brings you to the end of each level :D

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Cool little game that manages to stay fun for quite a while, the connection to the theme felt a little weak to me though, and the game felt a little repetitive after a bit.

    Universe T

    Universe T

  • Ardeimon
    Lv. 10

    The game is simple but the theme gets across just fine. Like the others, I do think that the gameplay could use some more variety as you progress.

    I like the transitions. :)



  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I like the theme! Not a bad idea. Overal, a bit too simple (basically it's just a race with obstacles) but it has lots of charm.

    My advice on visuals though, the yellow line could use a bit less saturation, so that it's not as bright for the eyes. it's nice to see them to better tell which line you're racing in, but i don't think it needs to be that visible!

    That said, charming game!

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Interesting take on the theme. You're helping people by taking them to the hospital but you can cause a lot of harm while doing so. The actual gameplay didn't invoke that feeling much (other people on the road function more like generic obstacles than anything you're worried about hurting) but it's pretty enjoyable regardless.

    The graphics have a nice pixel style to them that looks pretty good. The music seemed a bit off though - it didn't seem to loop properly as there were often quiet gaps.

  • Christopher Weller
    Lv. 16

    I liked it! Thought the art style matched what you were going for, which I am a fan of. If you were looking to improve on it, I would say make it faster, and more variety in the scenery. Audio would have helped for sure.

  • AceOfSpad3s
    Lv. 3

    Simple but funny game and art is good for the kind of game, altough It lacks a bit of variety and innovation that would have made it fun for longer and it's not so much relevant to the theme.

  • Toemking
    Lv. 2

    A very nice game that has quite a few flaws. The number 1 things I didn't like about this game is that every level felt the same. Every time you drive down the same street at around the same speed with nothing really changing from level to level. It would have been cool if later on in the game there is bends in the rode. Also it would have made it more fun if some cars were coming towards you down the other side of the rode so you have to take risks. For example would you risk going head first into a car for the chance of sliding past it and not getting hit. A minor bug that I found quite funny to look at was that cars will run off cyclists due to the cars going faster then the cyclists. The pixel art it nice but I have seen better and the theme is there but not really there

    Please note the audio on my computer isn't working so I cant rate the audio