Prankster Island

Prankster Island

  • game developers dungeon
  • 2 years ago
  • Disqualified

Welcome to Prankster Island, Although you want to leave the prankster on the island think otherwise. They'll do whatever necessary to keep you here: -They'll spike your food with dodgy poison which will make you feel sick. -They'll plant explosive inside trees and stone that may explode on hitting them. -They'll place invisible traps arround the island that will kill you.

Controls: W,A,S,D - Movement E - Open inventory Left Click use tool

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  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Game immediately crashed after I opened it :\

  • Fachewachewa

    Yeah, it runs reaaaaal slow then crashes. Managed to cut down a tree, but the other times it just crashed before I could do anything.

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 56

    Well... yeah... hardly stable :/ Sometimes, it even opens with no objects in. Not sure the hit detection even works neither, didn't manage to hit anything. Is that a loop freezing the whole thing? it forces to alt+shift+delete

    Try to have a smaller scope next time :) Think MVP first! Minimum Viable Product. First have the most basic functions work and only then add more things (easier said than done, I'm also a victim of the same thing lol)

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    I'm getting the same issue as everyone else; the game keeps crashing a few second in. Considering that I can't really comment on much, but the music is nice and the visuals style has a sort of simple goofy charm to it.

  • Christopher Weller

    Sadly the game is unstable, crashed on me several times before I called it quits. I lie the concept you were going for though. The character movement is a bit slow and the grass tile is to repetitive. I was able to use the ax and knock down a tree, then collect the wood. Didn't really see a purpose for collecting materials though.

  • Fin_Nolimit
    Fin_Nolimit Fin_Nolimit Level 6

    Wow so this looks like a very ambitious game for 48 hours. I was able to open up the crafting menu before the game crashed and it appeared to have a ton of items. I wonder if this is a loop that the game gets caught in and not a memory leak? In my experience memory leaks crash the game but your game is not crashing. The music still works just completely freezes and I have to Task Manager it. Have you been able to fix the bug since the JAM ended? If so let me know a place I can try it out.

    EDIT I've never been on the discord channel so I need to jump on there. I live in Hawaii so my times are all messed up compared to those on the mainland. Ill get on tonight tho and see if there is any activity

    • Matt animation Matt animation
      Level 9

      hey Dustin yes we were very ambitious and we payed the price. we almost finished the game but for some reason i did not work, me and toemking are working on a similar game but it will be a platformer you can expect to see the game's development at the gamemaker discord.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Sadly the game crashed four times (on four attempts) for me. I had to ctrl+alt+del just to close it. :( I was able to play maybe 10 seconds each time before the crash. It seemed after I chopped a tree it would always freeze.

    • bluzi™ bluzi™
      Level 4

      ya we know about the bug. its a memory leak somewhere. you should be able to pull out your wand and fight the enemies though. there's not really much you can do with the resources you gather anyway.