You are a mysterious adventurer looking to become a hero. You must complete the Hero Trials in order to fulfill your dream as HERO!

Idle State Nose

You are dropped off in an unknown land and must find artifacts in order to progress through your trials. The problem is these artifacts slow you down and make jumping near impossible. Can you get through the trails and become the HERO you’ve always known you could be?

  • LEFT and RIGHT keys or A and D

  • Spacebar to JUMP. While in the air press the Up arrow or W to double jump

  • Down Arrow or S to trow an artifact

  • With about 45 minutes left in the JAM I realized that the entire game used a controller and not the keyboard. It is a platformer type game so I wanted it to use the controller. I had intended to add keyboard support but ran out of time. So it was easier to just remove the controller support and add the keyboard. Doing that caused a bug in the JUMP and DOUBLE-JUMP. You have to press SPACEBAR to JUMP and then UP arrow to DOUBLE JUMP and even then it is hard to move while in the air. TERRIBLE!!!! :( I fixed this bug but it was too late to resubmit!
  • You can't trow the ARTIFACT to the left. Well you can but it just drops it and you pick it right back up.
Jump State

  • My son Elijah Finamore (he is 16) used his tablet and pen to draw almost all the graphics and animations!
    (We used openGameArt for the background and tiles.)

  • My daughter, Jasmine Finamore (12) wrote the background music for the JAM and played it on the piano.

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Interesting graphics! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GM48 games, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Great animations and music, the controls felt really stiff though, even when you're not carrying an artifact.

    Edit: I don't want to be too harsh on you Dustin, but the animations and music are way better than the code in this game, so props to your son and your daughter because they did a great job, and props to you too I guess :P

    Universe T

    Universe T

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      Thank you so much for playing Trials and leaving feedback. My son (who did all the animations) is sitting right next to me and smiling hard at your comment. Thanks again!

  • Atomic
    Lv. 19

    The art, animation and such looks really cool. Details like the scarf wailing back and fourth when you walk, or picking artefacts up/putting them in the Easter Island heads. Music wise, the game is pretty simplistic, it's a nice tune, but unfortunately incredibly short. The game is unfortunately also incredibly broken, to the point of being unplayable. The double jump is convoluted, and sometimes doesn't work at all, and it's such a crucial part of the gameplay. Happily suprised with the ending animation, wanting more gameplay with a sword.

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I always find it very humbling when other people play a game that I put together. The art, animation, and music were all done by my kids and I have to say they blew my CODE OUT THE WATER!!! lol

      Just before the JAM ended (about 45 minutes) I thought to myself that most people might not have a controller and I should change the code and make it work with the keyboard or both. I've never done that before (because I like using a controller so I just learned that way) Well long story short I broke the code trying to make it work for both. With only minutes left I took out all the controller code and just left the keyboard code in and submitted the game..... broken! It was like a punch in the stomach really. I took an hour to let it all just seep in and then I went back to coding and quickly fixed the jump bug but of course it was too late to resubmit. I did post it on my account :) Thanks again for your feedback!!!!

  • Fachewachewa

    I find it so cool when families make a jam game together :D
    Like other have said, even if the game is pretty buggy (the double jump, but also the collisions when you throw artifacts) animations and sounds are pretty good, I didn't expect that at first. But like Veralos, I think the assets don't mix very well with the rest (also I'm not sure you're allowed to use even free assets for this jam ?). The particles and moving grass were a nice touch though :)

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      Thank you so much for taking the time to play, rate, and give feedback to my game. Having my kids help me with the project was a lot of fun. I was crazy impressed with how fast my daughter could come up with a quick tune that would match the feel of the game and my son is brilliant at animations. The background was taken from open game art and hopefully I did not do anything wrong by doing that. I will 100% NOT do that in July. The last time I did a game jam was a couple of years ago and it was Ludam Dare and that was a thing you could do but I can see how that sort of thing is frowned upon (not to mention it just looks like it does not even fit). Thanks again for your feedback!!!!!!!

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    The game ends when you get the sword right? I couldn't go forward from that point so I assume the game ended.

    I like the main idea and the animations aren't bad! But everything feels buggy, like, I often end up doing an action in mid-air, or I feel like the character doesn't "aim" right when he places an artefact. You mentionned you know about the double jump issue, which is what I wanted to point out. :p The animations are a bit too slow sometimes, but the calm soundtrack helps taking it slow, so it's nice that you got it there.

    Also, nice to have involved the family!

    PS: Oh, you're the one that mailed me right? I can spot it from the description, I see you managed to make it work as expected :p

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      YES!!!! Game ends with the sword! :) I'm the one that emailed you and THANK YOU SO much for replying back. I really enjoy this "after jam" part. You know, making a cool description with GIFs and making a video (which I'm still trying to do). I noticed you have a twitter account for your work and that also sounds brilliant. My son and I both have a list of things we want to get better at before the next jam and I've already scratched a ton of stuff off the list.

      The game is BUGGY for sure. I fixed most of the bugs and posted the "new" version on (so when I tell my family and friends, "he we made a thing" I send them to the unbuggy version lol)

      Thanks again for taking the time to play and rate our game. It means a lot. I hope to "see" you at the next jam!

  • Tecna
    Lv. 10

    The animations were really nice and smooth. It really reminds me why I like sticky figures animations. The scenery needs more work but I liked the music, it's really cool.

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      Thank you so much for taking the time to play, rate, and give feedback!!!!! I told my daughter you liked the music and she had a huge smile on her face. My son and i worked countless hours on the game and then when we asked her to write a song for it she did it in no time at all. She was like, "is that all you need?" Lol

  • Christopher Weller
    Lv. 16

    I love that you got your family involved for this. The music fits the theme perfect, and the tile maps are nice. The game itself is a bit slow for me, but I get the concept your going for. Great job putting this together in 48 hours, looking forward to seeing you here for the next one.

    edit: auto correct mistakes

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      It means a lot that you would take the time to play our game. We learned a lot over that 48 hours and we are really excited about implementing all pur lessons learned for next game jam!!!!!

  • _l3on_
    Lv. 8

    Nice art and music (the ending animation is amazing). The jump in general is a pain to master but after some attemps you can finish the game.

    You can't do a left double jump so to bypass that you must double jump up than go left, instead the right double jump is perfect.

    I like the invisible blocks that show when thunder strike.

    Nice job :)

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      Hey, this is the artist, Elijah. Thanks so much man! I totally rushed the ending cut-scene but I was still super proud of it. I would love it if you play our future games that won't be made in 48 hours haha, we are working very hard on a megaman X fan game that will have unique armor upgrades and the whole sha-bang!

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    The game feels like it could be really cool but unfortunately it also seems to be quite buggy. The jumping controls are a little wonky and it seemed easy to lose the artifacts and get them stuck. I did make it to the end though.

    Anyway, the graphics are quite nice. The background looks really detailed and their are some nice smooth animations for the main character. I don't think the detailed assets really mesh well with the stick figure protagonist, but they look good individually regardless. The rain effect is also cool and the music is great.

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      Thanks for all your feedback!!!! I have to say I agree with you 100%. (well I mean I like the stick figure idea but everything else is spot on). The controls are terrible and I just ran out of time before being able to fix them. I have them fixed now tho and I'll post once the JAM is over. Thanks again for taking the time to play and finish the game!!!!!

  • Validated Drip
    Lv. 7

    Struggled with the double jump for a while. Game bugged after the first head - I walked back practising my now fabulous double jump, appeared to put artifact in an invisible statue and when I went back to the right I hit an invisible wall. Music was good. I like the silhouette with scarf. Basic but with flair Second time through I didn't go back and still hit an invisible wall.

    • Fin_Nolimit
      Lv. 6

      Thank you so much for the feedback!!! Yeah the double jump was perfect when I had the game programmed using a controller. I changed it to keyboard too late in the game (45 minutes until the JAM ended) and I inadvertently created a bug. I will have to play through again in order to find the invisible wall. My son and I were both able to play thro till the end but we were not happy with the controls. I will let my daughter know you enjoyed the music. Thanks again for the feedback

26th Game Jam Helpful but Harmful

When the game jam started and the theme was released I was a little surprised. Honestly I did not remember seeing this one. Next game jam I will pay more attention to the top 10 and make sure I have some idea of what I want to do depending on what theme gets picked. With all that being said, we were able to design our game in the first 30 minutes of the jam.

Time Spent
  • I coded for 15 hours... slept for five hours
  • I coded for 19 hours... slept for four and half hours
  • I coded for 4 and a half hours and submitted the game with exactly 12 minutes left in the jam
What Went Right
  • We designed the game very quickly and had a lot of fun watching the game come to life based on our design
  • The animation and music is what went right!!!! Holy cow that scarf and end cutscene is absolutely incredible!
  • The final "Trial" where there is lightening and rain and you can't see the blocks until the lighting strikes. I was very proud of that!!!!
What Went Wrong
  • I coded the game to use a controller!!! No kidding with under an hour left I felt that was a mistake (because what if someone does not have a controller) so I changed the code to use both controller and keyboard. Only this broke the game. So I had to take out the controller and with just 12 minutes left I had to hit submit. The jump key was completely broken and it was like I was punched in the stomach!
  • I did not know enough about good game mechanics and spent the first 10 hours writing and rewriting code to get it to "feel right". If I came into the jam already knowing how to make it right then that would have saved a ton of time.

Fantastic experience! I can't wait until July 20th so I can do this all over again. I am currently teaching myself all the areas I found to be weak in (there are lots of them). I also want to get a twitter account set up as well as a YouTube channel just to document my experience as I try to just be a better coder making fun games!

Result 30th