• Joe Miller
  • 1 year ago
  • 50th


You have five minutes to solve the combination to win!

I knew I was only going to have roughly 8 hours to dedicate to the jam this go around, so I really scaled it down on scope and came up with this little puzzle game. I tried to provide enough clues and context elements to solve it and hopefully people will have fun figuring it out!

This was also my first time using Studio 2 for a jam, last time I was still using Studio 1 - there's still a couple things that slow me down, but I think i'm getting used to using Studio 2 full time now.

I made a follow up guide to explain all the hints and clues from Logic Contains spoiler for the solution http://doublesquarellc.com/logic-all-clues-and-hints-explained-spoilers-for-my-gm48-game/


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