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  • Space Bros
  • 11 months ago
  • 56th


You have to build a space ship which is capable to travel far enough to land on the moon.

You collect money by reaching certain heights and you can use it to upgrade your ship.

Avoid asteroids and collect pickups!

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to control and SPACE to launch your rocket.

You have to fly 45000 meters to get to the end.


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  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 41
    10 months ago

    I love that type of games!

    ..but would have liked space to be able to, like, power up the engine and be what allows you to burst up. Like, a progression bar upon taking off during the countdown to have more interactivity.

    Also, try to have much smaller hitboxes, they seemed huge, so it feels unfair.

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    10 months ago
  • Panda-K
    Panda-K Panda-K 9
    10 months ago

    I had fun with this for a bit, but then I stopped earning money, and it wasn't clear why? (Also the hit boxes on the obstacles seem to be bigger than the obstacle itself)

    Still the presentation and idea were great!

  • Fachewachewa
    Fachewachewa Fachewachewa 36
    10 months ago

    Okay so first, there's a thing a kept bugging me while playing: FINS SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT BE AT THE TOP!!! Have you ever seen a missile? Or a dart? THEY SHOULD BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ROCKET!!!

    Alright I'm fine now :D

    So. Funny game, even if there's not much to do (took me like 2/3 to realize I could even control the rocket while flying ahah). One thing that I think you messed up a little is the countdown. Sure it's not really used in the gameplay (you could argue there's a countdown with your fuel..), but I don't care about that. It's a friggin' rocket! The countdown must lead to something! PLEASE let us press the spacebar to make everything go boom!

    That's why I didn't even bother trying to control the rocket, it all felt automated. It's not that important, but the liftoff is the most important part and I feel like more attention should have been put here.

    Also the particles start emitting before liftoff :p

  • RedSeries
    RedSeries RedSeries 3
    11 months ago

    A unique interpretation of the Countdown theme, at least I have seen any others go this direction yet!

    The gameplay was simple and straightforward, which was a pro and a con. Simple enough to engage me, but also simple to the point of being a little easy. But, that didn't stop me from having fun with it, and playing until mission complete!

    Art and sound were pretty simple as well, but in a good way. Simple is one of my favorite type of art, as it shares the stage with the gameplay in a more balanced way sometimes.

    Overall, great job!

  • Togweld
    Togweld Togweld 2
    11 months ago

    I really like simulation games like this one and I must say you did a great job! Flying the rocket is satisfying and the upgrades do have a heavy impact on the gameplay. Although in my opinion, more could have been done with the theme!

  • Ivar
    Ivar Ivar 16
    11 months ago

    My opinions on this game are very cut in half.

    • It was too easy for me. I finished without upgrading any row to the maximum but Mediyas couldn't even finish it at all.

    • To have a rocket countdown shows that the theme is in the core of your game but I think the theme should be implemented in the gameplay mechanics too.

    • I like the art style but it doesn't look ambiguous (except for the wonderful title).

    • It's repetitive but I didn't get bored at all.

    I wouldn't call this an adventure game. Rather a simulator or something.

    EDIT: You know you have selected "Adventure" as a genre?

    • Michael Hofmann Michael Hofmann
      Michael Hofmann 9

      Thank's for the detailed feedback! :)

      You are right the game is rather easy, but we decided to make it easy, so more people can get to the end in a jam-game "time"

      "The clock is ticking... Anything may happen when the countdown reaches 0.", this is the theme and I think it fits fine!

      This is really not an adventure game haha

  • mediyaz
    mediyaz mediyaz 4
    11 months ago


    I really like the feeling of speed you get just after you launch - very satisfying when you've build your rocket up a bunch and then you're like OKAY LET'S GOOO BZOOOOOM

    I fully upgraded my rocket and could get to like 40k but I never made it to space?! D: is there something I'm missing or is there no way to properly escape Earth's gravity and get into orbit and win and stuff?

    • Michael Hofmann Michael Hofmann
      Michael Hofmann 9

      Thank's for the nice feedback. :)

      You are exactly missing 5000 meters (45k is the end), but it shouldn't be that hard if you upgraded everything!


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