Deadline Disaster

Deadline Disaster

  • Team golden Games
  • 1 year ago
  • 18th


alt text

Includes 4 different cutscenes, a lot of explosions*, 16 puzzles and a story that doesn't make sense in any way!
*Depends on your playstyle.

You are an astronaut that is very good at postponing your duty. When the countdown to the launch of your spaceship starts, you still haven't connected all the wires. You better do it before the spaceship takes off!


  • Move: Arrow keys

  • Pick up: Hold Z

  • Restart Level: R

  • Fullscreen: F4

  • Move towards a jagged, orange wall to slide on it.

  • Press up while sliding on a wall to wall jump.


alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text


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Why would anyone even go here after the game jam ended?

Wait, what are you doing here?

Result 18th